These crispy potato cakes -- a traditional Hanukkah treat called latkes -- are delicious both the classic way and when jazzed up with flavorful fillings and cool toppings!


Potato Latkes

Simple, traditional and festive! Give your family something to crunch on this holiday season with classic and crispy potato latkes.


Potato-Carrot Latkes with Lemon-Raisin Topping

Combine two large carrots to the potato mix for a very veggie twist. Finish with the lemon-raisin topping.

Potato-Carrot Latkes with Lemon-Raisin Topping

Sweet Potato-Apple Latkes with Cranberry Sauce

It'll almost taste like Thanksgiving dinner with the sweet potato and cranberry flavors in this tasty latke.


Sweet Potato-Red Onion Latkes with Aioli

Compliment your sweet potato latkes with a flavorful aioli dip.


Potato-Zucchini Latkes with Basil

Give your latkes a green attitude with the help of two medium zucchinis, plus chopped basil!

Potato-Zucchini Latkes with Basil

Sweet Potato Latkes with Cinnamon Sour Cream

Sweet potato latkes paired with cinnamon sour cream for dipping are a two-in-one slam dunk. It's half veggie side, half dessert!


Potato-Beet Latkes with Horseradish Cream

Beets give this latke it's deep red color. Top it off with spicy horseradish and it'll taste like no potato pancake you've ever had!


Sweet Potato-Coconut Latkes with Pineapple Relish

Coconut and pineapple put a Hawaiian twist on this traditional recipe.


Potato Pancakes with Sour Cream and Chives

Pump up the classic latke with simple sour cream and chives. It'll complement the starchy treat to perfection.

Potato Pancakes with Sour Cream and Chives

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