These Italian-style grits are fresh, fun, and perfect for any time of day.


Fried Polenta with Chorizo

fried polenta with chorizo

You'll never serve another appetizer again. 

Vegetarian Pumpkin Polenta with Spinach & White Beans

vegetarian pumpkin polenta with spinach and white beans

Keep these in your arsenal for when autumn comes around. 

Polenta Lasagna

polenta lasagna

This lasagna is packed to perfection with artichoke hearts, cremini mushrooms, mozzarella, roasted peppers, and tomatoes, all between layers of fried polenta. 

Recipe: Try our Polenta Lasagna

Beef Polenta Pie

beef-polenta pie

This pie is kinda like a 7-layer dip, and we are kinda obsessed.

Recipe: Try our Beef Polenta Pie

Breakfast Polenta

Breakfast Polenta

Yes, you can enjoy this ingredient in the morning, too! Sprinkle on berries and honey for an extra-thick take on oatmeal. 

Recipe: Try our Breakfast Polenta

Italian Braised Pork & Polenta

Italian Braised Pork & Polenta

Garnishing this dish with shaved Parmesan enhances the savory flavors. 

Eggs with Polenta & Pancetta

Eggs with Polenta & Pancetta

Polenta, pancetta, perfection!

Ratatouille Polenta Bowl

Ratatouille Polenta Bowl

With a dish this colorful, it must be delicious! 

Recipe: Try our Ratatouille Polenta Bowl

Pork “Parm” with Polenta & Marinara Sauce

pork parm with polenta marinara sauce
Credit: Photography by Joseph De Leo

Pro tip: Stock the rest of your marinara in the freezer so you have a stash whenever you need it.

Polenta Bolognese Bowl with Spinach Salad

ploenta bolognese bowl with spinach salad
Credit: Photography By Peter Ardito

Make this dish with turkey meatballs for a super-quick weeknight dinner.

Breakfast Polenta Bowl

breakfast polenta bowl
Credit: Photography by Christopher Testani

Serve this at brunch, and your friends will love you forever. 

Recipe: Try our Breakfast Polenta Bowl

Puttanesca Polenta Bites

Tomatoes, capers and red onion top these bite-sized appetizers.

Creamy Chicken with Soft Polenta

Creamy Chicken with Soft Polenta
Credit: Photography by Marcus Nilsson

If ever there were a dish that perfectly encapsulates comfort food, it's this dish. Mushrooms, peas, squash, chicken, onion, and polenta will make you feel warm, cozy, and very full on a chilly weekend night. 

Pepper & Onion Polenta

Pepper & Onion Polenta

Add a little pep(per) to your morning routine!

Recipe: Try our Pepper & Onion Polenta

Stewed Greens with Creamy, Cheesy Polenta

Stewed Greens with Creamy, Cheesy Polenta

Creamy, cheesy deliciousness—adding Tuscan Kale, makes it healthy, right?

Lamb Stew with Polenta

Lamb Stew with Polenta

This recipe puts your Dutch oven to work.

Recipe: Try our Lamb Stew with Polenta

Cola-Braised Short Ribs with Polenta

cola braised short ribs with polenta

Balsamic vinegar is the surprise finishing ingredient that brings this dish to new heights.

Brisket & Polenta Salad

brisket polenta salad
Credit: Photography by Peter Ardito

Cook up a big batch of brisket, and freeze some for later. Future you will be grateful! 

Recipe: Try our Brisket & Polenta Salad

Chicken & Mushrooms with Taleggio Polenta

Chicken & Mushrooms with Taleggio Polenta

Nutmeg is the secret ingredient that adds a nutty, warm, and slightly sweet flavor to this dish.