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Our 4 Favorite Italian Comfort Food Recipes


A bubbly, warm, saucy Italian dish on a cold, winter night? Now that's amore! Save the caprese salads and basil pesto for the summer--this winter, we want the hearty baked dishes, crunchy baguettes and creamy desserts that Italy is known for. So take your pick at a cheesy, sausage-laden pizza bread, a rich and smoky sauteed chicken or a creamy, gooey, this-is-what-dreams-are-made-of baked pasta dish. Finish it off with a riff on Tiramisu and you've got yourself an Italian grandmother's hug for your taste buds.


Three-Cheese Bread Pizza with Kale & Sausage


Smoky Skillet Cacciatore


Unstuffed Florentine Shells


Tiramisu Sundaes

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