Oscars Viewing Party Menu

Hosting an Oscars party? Try serving these award-worthy drinks, snacks, and apps!

Martini- Marinated Olives

Martini-Marinated Olives

It's two party favorites in one! 

Try our Martini-Marinated Olives

Chili-Cheese Popcorn

Chili-Cheese Popcorn

Brown sugar, butter, chili powder, and Parmesan elevate this classic snack to new heights. 

Try our Chili-Cheese Popcorn 

Greek Salad Snack

greek salad snack

This is a super fun salad you can eat with your hands! The best part? Your greens won't get all wilted from sitting in dressing.

Try our Greek Salad Snack

Peach Crisp Cocktail

peach crisp

C'mon, this prosecco drink even LOOKS like an Oscar!

Try our Peach Crisp

Baked Cheese Plate

Baked Cheese Plate

Ooey-gooey deliciousness!

Try our Baked Cheese Plate 

Champagne Sidecar

champagne sidecar

This drink is class in a glass.

Try our Champagne Sidecar

Grilled Cheese Triangles with Shallot Jam

grilled cheese triangles with shallot jam

Here's a twist on the kid-friendly-classic—just add shallots, balsamic vinegar, brown sugar, and red wine.

Try our Grilled Cheese Triangles with Shallot Jam 

Honey-Bacon Snack Mix

honey bacon snack mix

This tasty mix only takes 15 minutes to make! 

Try our Honey-Bacon Snack Mix

Blue Cheese Crisps

Blue Cheese Crisps

This stress-free app is so easy, it'll make you feel like planning your next get-together before your guests are even out the door.

Try our Blue Cheese Crisps

Rum & Coffee Cocktail

Rum & Coffee Cocktail

When the speeches start to run wayyyy over, break out the coffee cocktails to keep your guests awake!

Try our Rum & Coffee Cocktail

Parmesan Crackers

Parmesan Crackers

You can eat these crackers alone, use them as dippers, or even garnish on a salad. 

Try our Parmesan Crackers

Curry Snack Mix

curry snack mix

This unexpected flavor combo really works.

Try our Curry Snack Mix