Dust off your steins and pull on your lederhosen—Oktoberfest is here. 🍻


Giant Bavarian Pretzels

giant bavarian pretzels

Don't let this classic Oktoberfest recipe intimidate you—it's a lot easier than it looks. Once you've mastered the twisting technique, get creative with various toppings like parmesan, chocolate, and cinnamon sugar.

Recipe: Try our Giant Bavarian Pretzels

Handy Apple Strudels

Handy Apple Strudels

Stuffed with a crumbly Granny Smith apple, pecan, and date filling, this flaky, sugary pastry is basically a grown-up Pop-Tart. You won't be able to have just one.

Recipe: Try our Handy Apple Strudels

Red Velvet Champagne Cocktail


This four-ingredient libation still abides by the beer tradition with stout, but the chocolatey flavor is enhanced by pink champagne and a sprinkling of espresso powder. Prost!

Chicken or Pork Schnitzel with Quick Sweet ’n’ Sauer-Kraut & Apple, Onion & Potato Salad

chicken pork schnitzel quick sweet n sauer-kraut apple onion potato salad
Credit: Photography by Joesph De Leo

"In our neck of the woods, it's Oktoberfest until it's Halloween. Celebrate with one of my German faves: schnitzel." —Rach

Knocks 'n' Brats & Red Cabbage & Potatoes Rösti

Knocks 'n' Brats

Sausage, brats, red cabbage, and potato—what more could you want during this German celebration?

Bratwurst Pretzel Pizza

Bratwurst Pretzel Pizza

Use a simple skillet crust and pre-cooked bratwurst to make this delicious dish even easier. Top it off with caraway seeds and yellow mustard for an extra dash of flavor.

Recipe: Try our Bratwurst Pretzel Pizza

Rach's Okto-Burgers

okto burger with cheese
Credit: Photography by Kate Mathis

Ground beef, sauerkraut, onions, pickles, and dijon mustard stacked high atop a pretzel bun? Count us in.

Recipe: Try Rach's Okto-Burgers

Knocks 'n' Brats Stoup

knocks and brats stoup

This in-between dish stuffed with potato, cabbage, brats, and sausage is part soup, part stew, all-around delicious. Bonus points if you serve it up with a side of toasted pumpernickel bread.

Recipe: Try our Knocks 'n' Brats Stoup

Brats 'n' Kraut

brats 'n' kraut

Sauerkraut lovers, this one's for you. Rejoice in the fact that the prep time is almost as fast as it takes to devour a full plate of these spicy skewers.

Recipe: Try our Brats 'n' Kraut

Beer-Roasted Pork Shoulder

Beer-Roasted Pork Shoulder

When you're sick of sausage and bored with beer, this main course will flip the switch. We give you permission to enjoy one (or two, or three) Red Velvet Champagne Cocktails while it's in the oven roasting away.

Cabbage Salad

cabbage salad

It wouldn't be Oktoberfest without it. With just eight ingredients (most of which you likely already have!), there's no excuse not to make this tangy side dish.

Recipe: Try our Cabbage Salad

Hot Dog Paprikash

hot dog paprikash

Hot dog-style sausage or bratwurst puts a German spin on this traditional Hungarian dish. Plus, the classic combo of onion, garlic, and sweet paprika pairs perfectly with a pint.

Recipe: Try our Hot Dog Paprikash

White Asparagus Bread Salad with Hollandaise

white asparagus bread salad with hollandaise

Not all Oktoberfest recipes need to be completely indulgent. This lighter bite lets you partake in the fun while still erring on the healthy side.

German Chocolate Praline Cake

german chocolate praline cake
Credit: Photography by Peter Ardito

After one bite of this decadent cake, you'll say goodbye to plain old chocolate recipes for good. The nutty topping—toasted coconut and pecans—and sugary icing are impossible to resist.

Beer and Cheese Soup

Beer and Cheese Soup

With a base of carrots, leeks, and amber beer, plus a hearty helping of sharp cheddar, this savory soup is a no-brainer for any Oktoberfest celebration. Top 'er off with croutons and pepper and you'll be saying "Danke" in no time.

Recipe: Try our Beer and Cheese Soup