Whether you want to cool down, warm up or just sip something slowly, you'll find what you're looking for with our 20 best thirst-quenching drink recipes.


Sweet Tea

A southern classic everyone will like!

sweet tea

Rosy Iced Tea

Put a twist on an old-fashioned tea party: Serve this drink on ice.

rosy iced tea

Mexican Hot Chocolate

The chili powder in this drink will keep you warm even after your cup is empty.

mexican hot chocolate

Blueberry Iced Tea

Preserves will both flavor and sweeten your tea.

blueberry iced tea

Lemonade-Mint Spritzers

These spritzers are bubbly and refreshing!

lemonade-mint spritzers

Blackberry Ice Cream Sodas

Bring out your inner kid with this fun, diner classic.

blackberry ice cream sodas

Lemon Green Iced Tea

Experiment with a not-so-familiar ingredient in this recipe: Lemongrass!

Lemon Green Iced Tea

Kiwi-Orange-Mango Juice

A blended concoction sure to bring you straight to the tropics.

Kiwi-Orange-Mango Juice

Banana Split Mega Milkshake

A giant milkshake that's fun for the whole family!

Banana Split Mega Milkshake

Lavender Tea Lemonade

Lavender is said to relieve fatigue, depression and tension headaches, and it smells amazing!

lavender tea lemonade

Pomegranate Coolers

Drink your antioxidants in this good-for-you and tasty drink.

pomegranate cooler

Watermelon Limeade

Watermelon isn't just for barbeques anymore -- now you can drink it!

Watermelon Limeade

Frozen Chai Tea Smoothies

This filling version of India's favorite pick-me-up will power you up to hit the day with a vengeance.

frozen chai tea smoothies

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

Salty, sweet and oh, so delicious!

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

C Ginger-Lime Tea

An easy, soothing, feel-good elixir.

Get Your C Ginger-Lime Tea

Mango-Ginger Mocktails

Mango nectar is available year-round, so you can have this mocktail whenever you like!

Mango-Ginger Mocktails

Cherry Cream Floats

Serve this fruity mocktail to the underage set, or enjoy it yourself.

Cherry Cream Floats

Sweet-Heat Iced Tea

Spicy habanero peppers give your plain tea a punch.


Relax Already Apple Tea

Apples, chamomile and cinnamon. Can it get more relaxing than that?

DIY Chai

Your visits to the coffee shop are over, now that you can make chai tea at home!

DIY Chai

Easy Cocktail Upgrades