Hot diggity! We’ve got just about every variation of hot dog you could think of here, so get ready to eat up.


Buffalo Onion Dogs

buffalo onion dogs

Feelin' hot, hot, hot! Bump up your heat factor with these flaming Buffalo-onion dogs.  

Recipe: Try our Buffalo Onion Dogs

Crab Mac ‘n’ Cheese Dog

crab mac 'n' cheese hot dog
Credit: Photography by Marcus Nilsson

You can't possibly be crabby about this one... it has mac 'n cheese and a hot dog and crab meat all in one bun.

Recipe: Try our Crab Mac 'n' Cheese Dog

Taco Dog

taco hot dog
Credit: Photography by Marcus Nilsson

Tacos and hot dogs came together to create the ultimate combo! 

Recipe: Try our Taco Dog

Detroit Dog Dip

detroit coney dog dip
Credit: Photography by Christopher Testani

Care for a dip with your dogs? Serve pigs in a blanket to dip in this spicy, cheesy chili dip.

Recipe: Try our Detroit Coney Dog Dip

Doyer Dog

doyer dog
Credit: Photography by Marcus Nilsson

Cheesy dogs can't be beat. Hike up the heat by adding more jalapeños and pico de gallo.

Recipe: Try our Doyer Dog

South Philly Dog

south philly hot dog
Credit: Photography by Marcus Nilsson

This Philly-inspired dog goes heavy on the veggies.

Recipe: Try our South Philly Dog

Haute Dog

haute dog

More into chicken than pork? That's cool—you can still enjoy a dog! This hot dog is made with chicken-apple sausages and is topped with melted cheese, coleslaw and some fresh dill.

Recipe: Try our Haute Dog

Cuban Dog

cuban dog
Credit: Photography by Marcus Nilsson

Get all the meaty goodness of a Cuban sammie in a bun! Bread-and-butter pickles add a nice crunchy touch.

Recipe: Try our Cuban Dog

Hot Dog Flautas

Hot Dog Flautas

Hot dog taquitos?! Swoon. Bake it in the oven and turn on all its sides until the tortilla roll is golden brown.

Recipe: Try our Hot Dog Flautas

Hawaiian Dog

hawaiian dog
Credit: Photography by Marcus Nilsson

The Hawaiian dog is a perfect mix of sweet and spicy. Pineapple and pickled jalapeños go together like bread and butter, or ahem, hot dog and bun.

Recipe: Try our Hawaiian Dog

Detroit Coney Dogs

Detroit Coney Dogs

Remember that cheesy chili dip with mini pigs in blankets? Well here it is together in big dog form! And it will not disappoint.

Recipe: Try our Detroit Coney Dog

Dixie Dog

dixie hot dog
Credit: Photography by Marcus Nilsson

You may have never thought to put pimiento cheese on your hot dog before, but once you try this, you'll never go back.

Recipe: Try our Dixie Dog

Hot Dog Pizza-Dillas

hot dog pizza-dillas

Satisfy ALL of your cravings in one bite with these insane hot dog-pizza-quesadillas.

Recipe: Try our Hot Dog Pizza-Dillas

Cheese Coney Dog

cheese coney dog
Credit: Photography by Marcus Nilsson

Now, THAT's a hot dog! This dog is topped with chili, cheese, mustard and onions to create the classic American hot dog experience.

Recipe: Try our Coney Cheese Dog

Chicago Dog Salad

Chicago Dog Salad

Bet you didn't think you'd find a salad in a hot dog recipe roundup!

Recipe: Try our Chicago Dog Salad

Fritos Kimchi Chili Dog

fritos kimchi chili dog
Credit: Photography by Marcus Nilsson

It's like a Frito Pie on top of a hot dog! Honestly, what could be better?

Recipe: Try our Fritos Kimchi Chili Dog

Hot Diggity Burger Dog

Stephanie Izard Hot Diggity Burger Dog

Can't decide between making hot dogs or burgers at your barbecue? Don't! Have both—all at once.

Recipe: Try Stephanie Izard's Hot Diggity Burger Dog

Dyngus Dog

dyngus hot dog
Credit: Photography by Marcus Nilsson

This dog pairs a traditional hot dog with a potato pierogi for a delish comfort food mash-up.

Recipe: Try our Dyngus Dog

Hot Dog Rice Bowls

Hot Dog Rice Bowls

Have some leftover dogs from a cookout? Try cutting them up and adding to a rice bowl topped with a fried egg and onions. Coziest meal ever!

Recipe: Try our Hot Dog Rice Bowl

Churro Dog

churro hot dog
Credit: Photography by Marcus Nilsson

And for dessert?! More dogs. But this time, replace the meat with churros, and the bun with doughnuts for the sweetest sensation.

Recipe: Try our Churro Dog