Mother's Day with Curtis Stone

L.A.-based chef Curtis Stone wants to give credit where credit is due.
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L.A.-based chef Curtis Stone wants to give credit where credit is due.

“Moms do so much, it’s a shame they only get one day in return.” (Cue the awws.) This year, he’s making the day count with a menu paying tribute to some of the mothers he loves: his wife, actress Lindsay Price, his mother, Lozza, and his two late grandmothers, Gwen and Maude. “I’ve had strong women around me all my life, and I like to honor them.” No better way than with a laid-back Mother’s Day spread!

Chunky Guac with Feta & Mint

A recent shot of Curtis and his mom, Lorraine (Lozza) Coles (top left). Lindsay and Curtis with sons Hudson and Emerson (bottom left). Curtis, Lindsay and the boys in 2016 (bottom right).

For Lindsay: Chunky Guac with Feta & Mint (above)

"Lindsay is obsessed with guacamole," he says. "When she was pregnant with our older son, Hudson, I made it for her every day, so I came up with lots of different versions. This one—with feta for some saltiness and mint for freshness—is a favorite of hers. The dukkah, a blend of spices and nuts, adds nice richness.” 

Spring Garden Salad

#TBT with Lozza, Curtis and a pile of puppies!

For Lozza: Spring Garden Salad (above)

"I come from a family of green thumbs: My mom’s dad had a small produce farm, and she was a florist. Sometimes, my mom and I compete to see who can grow more varieties of vegetables. This salad is inspired by things from our gardens, like radishes, scallions and greens.” 

Smoky Grilled Chicken with Mojo

Gwen Armstrong, Curtis’s grandmother and the namesake of one of his restaurants, Circa 1941.

For Gwen: Smoky Grilled Chicken with Mojo (above)

"My mom grew up in the Australian countryside, where they kept animals for food. Her mom, Gwen, cooked meat over an open fire, which is why I cook my chicken on the grill. The garlicky, citrusy mojo sauce, however, is inspired by a recent trip I took to Cuba. Gwenny wouldn’t even know what it is!” 

Chocolate Hazelnut Pudding Cakes

Maude Stone, Curtis’s grandmother and the namesake of his other restaurant, on her wedding day in 1944. 

For Maude: Chocolate Hazelnut Pudding Cakes

"Maude, my granny on my dad’s side, came to Australia from England when she was a very young girl. She was the opposite of rustic, often serving tea and scones on fine china. She also had a sweet tooth, and she used to make English- style steamed puddings. This one—made with Nutella—is less traditional, but still delicious.”

Family photos courtesy of Curtis Stone