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Our Most Popular Pinterest Recipes

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Pinterest Recipes

Parmesan-Crusted Tilapia

This fast, 5-ingredient dinner recipe is our most popular pinterest pin of all-time! Make this easy and speedy main when you want a tender and flavorful fish dish.

parmesan-crusted tilapia

Vegetable Lasagna

This gluten-free lasanga recipe from Rachael Ray freezes and travels well. Make it as a great new-home or thank-you gift.


Mexican Chicken Lime Soup

Rach's pal, Daisy Martinez, takes inspiration from a journey to Mexico and heats it up in a classic comfort food. Tip: Plan ahead and make a large batch of this hearty and flavorful soup. Then, freeze the leftovers for a quick dinner you can heat up anytime.

How to Cook a Steak

We had no idea so many of you wanted to cook steak at home until we saw how many repins our how-to video got! Watch the video and you can learn how to skip the steakhouse and save money.

Marsala Chicken-and-Mushroom Casserole

This creamy mushroom-and-chicken casserole fits the bill for busy weeknights. Save time by making the recipe ahead of time and freezing it until you're ready to bake.

Marsala Chicken-and-Mushroom Casserole

Eggs in Clouds

This popular 5-ingredient egg recipe looks harder to make than it actually is. Make it for breakfast or brunch and you'll be sure to impress family or friends alike.

How to Make Pasta Sauce

Shh! The secret to a great pasta dish is in the sauce. Use our five easy tips to make sure any sauce from Browned Butter to Meat Sauce is stellar.

pasta sauces

How to Cut an Onion

Cutting onions can be tricky! Watch our step-by-step onion cutting how-to and you'll be chopping like a pro in no time.

Turkey Wrap with Cucumber Cream Cheese

When you're looking for a delicious and quick lunch, make our 4-ingredient turkey wrap. Then, get creative and add your own favorite toppings to make the wrap all your own.

Turkey Wrap with Cucumber Cream Cheese

Cheesy Chicken and Rice Casserole

This one-dish wonder features moist, tender chicken breasts covered with melted Cheddar cheese, sitting on a bed of creamy rice and vegetables - it just doesn't get any better!

Garlic Shrimp

Make this 5-ingredient supper in 15 minutes or less. To make your meal complete add a quick side of rice, quinoa or veggies.

Garlic Shrimp

Apps in a Snap: BLT Stacks

Take an all-time favorite sandwich and turn it into an easy and fast appetizer with this BLT Stacks recipe. Watch our how-to video to learn how to make this app in a snap.

Hot Cocoa Cookies

We took this warm and comforting winter drink and turned it into a delicious dessert. Make these cookies during the holidays or anytime, when you're looking for a chocolate fix.

Hot Cocoa Cookies

Chicken Biscuits 'n' Gravy Casserole

This Southern-inspired casserole is great for a weekend brunch or Sunday supper. Tip: Turn this recipe into a make-ahead meal. Just freeze the chicken and gravy mixture separately from the biscuit topping.

Chicken, Biscuits ‘n’ Gravy Casserole

The Bloody Mary

Whip up this classic Bloody Mary recipe for brunch, a game-day tailgate or just a cozy Saturday in. Watch this video and you'll master this classic recipe in a snap!

Pigs in Ponchos

Grown-ups and kids alike will love these tortilla-wrapped franks and beans snacks! Make them after-school or for your next birthday party for a finger-friendly dish no one will be able to resist.

Pigs in Ponchos (Tortilla-Wrapped Franks and Beans)

Pea & Carrot Soup with Rice

This veggie soup by Rachael Ray can be made in 30 minutes and is great when you're looking for a healthy, soul-satisfying meal.

Pea & Carrot Soup with Rice

Egg and Avocado Toast

Make this protein-packed dish for B, L or D -- breakfast, lunch or dinner -- or any time in between when you're craving a nutritious snack!

Egg & Avocado Toast

Sneaky Chef Ingredients

We asked 22 cooks for the supermarket staples they add to dishes. Steal their super simple and deceptively delicious shortcuts!

coca cola steak

How to Caramelize Onions

Learn how to caramelize onions in a snap with our simple recipe for sweet sautéed onions. Then, keep them on hand to stir into risottos, toss with veggies or bake on top of bread with brie for a quick crostini.

Mashed-Potato-Stuffed Chicken

Turn chicken breasts into a complete meal with a mashed-potato stuffing. To up the veggie content, mix spinach into the mashed potatoes or serve this doubly delicious dish with a small side salad.

Mashed Potato Stuffed Chicken

Hot Crock Chocolate Pudding

Believe it or not, but you can make this delicious chocolate pudding in a slow cooker!

Bacon-Burger Melts

What do you get when you cross a grilled cheese sandwich and a traditional burger with bacon? Our over-the-top Bacon-Burger Melts.

Apple Cider Floats

Forget Root Beer and substitute apple cider in your next ice cream float for a decadent, melt-in-your-mouth dessert.

Watermelon Cups with Feta and Mint

Break out of your appetizer rut and try our creative combination of fruity watermelon and feta cheese.

Watermelon Cups with Feta and Mint

Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs are great for any occasion from fancy to casual. Try our all-time favorites including the tried-and-true classic, plus a ton of new variations!

Green Olive Deviled Eggs