Our 10 Most Popular Recipes from October

Rach's pumpkin mac-and-cheese was a winner!
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Here are all the recipes you loved last month, in order.

1. Roasted Artichoke Hearts with Lemon & Garlic

roasted artichoke hearts with lemon and garlic 1018

This is our new favorite thing to do with artichoke hearts.

Recipe: Try our Roasted Artichoke Hearts with Lemon & Garlic

2. Sausage, Pepper & White Bean Bake

Sausage, Pepper & White Bean Skillet Dinner

This skillet dinner is about to become one of your weeknight go-tos.

Recipe: Try our Sausage, Pepper & White Bean Bake 

3. Italian Gin & Tonic

italian g and t 1018

When life gives you limoncello, drink it!

Recipe: Try our Italian Gin & Tonic

4. Thanksgiving Gravy

best ever gravy

This is probably the best gravy recipe ever. (You're welcome.)

Recipe: Try our Thanksgiving Gravy

5. Rach's Pumpkin Mac-and-Cheese

pumpkin mac and cheese topped with chives

As easy to make as the stuff in the blue box (but much better for you).

Recipe: Try Rach's Pumpkin Mac & Cheese

6. Brown-Sugar Brined Roast Turkey

brown sugar brined roast turkey

This is the only turkey recipe you need. Honest!

Recipe: Try our Brown-Sugar Brined Roast Turkey

7. Rach's Okto-Burger

okto burger with cheese

This burger is almost as good as a trip to Germany.

Recipe: Try Rach's Okto-Burger

8. Chicken Parm with Cherry-Tomato Sauce

chicken parm with blistered tomato sauce 1018

You've never had chicken parmesan quite like this before.

Recipe: Try our Chicken Parm with Cherry-Tomato Sauce

9. Spicy Pork Chops with Gochujang

citrus and chile glazed pork chops

These pork chops get a spicy kick from gochujang. (It's a Korean condiment and you can find at your grocery store!)

Recipe: Try our Spicy Pork Chops

10. Maple Affogato with Pecan Crunch

maple affogate pecan crunch 1018

It's the perfect way to end an Italian dinner party. Or just Monday night. 

Recipe: Try our Maple Affogato with Pecan Crunch