7 Magic Mocktails for Your Next Get Together

Add a shot of booze to any of these if the spirit moves you!
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Strawberry-Basil Virgin Daiquiri

strawberry basil virgin daquiri

Recipe: Try our Strawberry-Basil Virgin Daiquiri

Grapefruit, Juniper & Tonic

grapefruit juniper tonic mocktail

Super Simple: The secret to many a killer mocktail is a simple syrup that’s been infused with herbs, fruit, or spices.

Recipe: Try our Grapefruit, Juniper & Tonic

Mango-Cardamom Colada

mango cardamom colada

Recipe: Try our Mango-Cardamom Colada

Blueberry-Rosemary Fizz

blueberry rosemary fizz

Fresh fruit is great for garnish, but for syrups, use thawed frozen fruit. Picked when it was at its peak, frozen fruit is full of flavor and often cheaper.

Recipe: Try our Blueberry-Rosemary Fizz

Faux Kir Royale

faux kir royale

Recipe: Try our Faux Kir Royale

Lemon-Lime & Lavender Sour

lemon lime lavender sour

Recipe: Try our Lemon-Lime & Lavender Sour

Fennel Cucumber Spritzer

fennel cucumber spritzer

Recipe: Try our Fennel Cucumber Spritzer