Tired of the same old, same old when it comes to holiday dinner? Spice up the season (but stay festive) with Mexican-inspired dishes like traditional posole and tamales or modern jalapeño margaritas and chocolate-topped flan. Feliz navidad!


Turkey & Chorizo Soft Tacos

turkey and chorizo soft tacos
Credit: Photography by Kate Mathis

Chiles, chipotle, and chorizo give these tacos a healthy kick of flavor, but the best part is that you can use pre-cooked turkey to speed up the process. Pro-tip: mix up the toppings for an ultra-festive presentation. We like the red and green combo of cilantro and sliced red chiles!

Recipe: Try Rach's Turkey & Chorizo Soft Tacos

Boozy Mexican Hot Chocolate

boozy mexican hot chocolate
Credit: Photography by Peter Ardito

Nothing screams holiday more than a hot, cozy drink—with a healthy splash of Kahlúa, of course. Serve this instead of coffee as an after-dinner warmer.

Cranberry-Lime Relish

cranberry lime relish

The secret in the sauce? Jalapeño and red onion.

Recipe: Try our Cranberry-Lime Relish

Rachael Ray's Posole Rojo with Turkey or Chicken

Posole Rojo with Turkey or Chicken
Credit: Photography by Christopher Testani

If you've got frozen Thanksgiving turkey burning a hole in your freezer, put it to use for Christmas dinner. Whether served as an appetizer or the main attraction, your guests will love this holiday spin.

Pork Lover's Tamale Pie

pork lovers tamale pie

It's not a Christmas ham—it's better. Why? Because Christmas hams aren't topped with a thick layer of gooey cheddar cheese, that's why. 

Recipe: Try our Pork Lover's Tamale Pie

Spicy Cranberry Margarita

Spicy Cranberry Margaritas
Credit: Photography by Christopher Testani

It's festive, fiery, and fresh—exactly how a holiday cocktail should be.

Aarón Sánchez's Chorizo & Cornbread Stuffing

chorizo and cornbread stuffing
Credit: Photography by Eva Kolenko

Honestly, you'll want to start making this stuffing year-round. It's that good.

Recipe: Try Aarón Sánchez's Chorizo & Cornbread Stuffing

Shrimp & Guacamole Lightning Rounds

shrimp and guacamole lightning rounds

Every holiday party needs pre-dinner munchies. Might we suggest serving this one with the aforementioned spicy margarita?

Sweet Potato Enchiladas

Sweet Potato Enchiladas

Those who say enchiladas don't belong on the Christmas table have clearly never had these.

Recipe: Try our Sweet Potato Enchiladas

Mexican Chocolate Flan

mexican chocolate flan

Boost the flavor of standard Spanish custard with a spicy chocolate topping made from ancho chiles and cinnamon. Plus, guests will love having their own individual ramekin—especially in one of these fun, bright colors. 

Recipe: Try our Mexican Chocolate Flan

Mexican Pimento Cheese Dip

mexican pimiento cheese dip
Credit: Photography by Guy Ambrosino and Kate Winslow

This creamy, cheesy dip is super easy to throw together (just seven ingredients!), so you might as well double the batch. It'll be gone before you know it—and you'll want some leftovers. 

Chicken & Salsa Verde Tamales

tamale party setup
Credit: Photography by Sidney Bensimon

It's a daunting recipe, but the end result will be 100 percent worth it. You can stick whatever's not eaten in the freezer to really make those leftovers—and your hard work—worthwhile.

Chicken Enchilada-Stuffed Poblanos

Chicken Enchilada–Stuffed Poblanos
Credit: Photography by Christopher Testani

This twist on a classic Mexican Christmas recipe is so good you'll want to add it to your holiday lineup for years to come. Hot tip: wear gloves when working with the poblanos to keep from spreading the spicy oils. No tears on Christmas! 

Cherry-Chipotle Turkey Breast

cherry chipotle turkey breast

Turkey is indescribably better when coated in this mixture of sour cherries, dijon mustard, chipotle, and honey. It speaks for itself, so just go make it—now.

Cod with Arrabbiata Sauce, Olives & Capers

Cod with Arrabbiata Sauce, Olives & Capers

Cod stewed with tomatoes, olives, and capers is a Mexican Christmas classic, but fusing it with Italian is even better. Spaghetti may not sound very holiday-forward, but take one bite of this dish and you'll be a convert. 

Holiday Nachos

holiday nachos

Nachos are a tried-and-true crowd pleaser. Dress them up for the holidays with festive pomegranate seeds and cilantro!

Recipe: Try our Holiday Nachos