You'll enjoy these 31 cocktails, mocktails and punches even more when you know each one has just 150 calories or less. What a bunch of glass acts!

Cherry Whiskey Sour

This bold red drink makes an impact on your taste buds, but not your waistline.

Cherry Whiskey Sours

Oh, Clementine

Not everyone can wear orange, but everyone can drink it with this special cocktail.

oh clementine

Red 75

A little champagne makes this cocktail extra special, and the pomegranate flavor is perfect for the holidays (or anytime!).

red 75

Blood Orange Old-Fashioned

Bring new life to this Old Fashioned with the flavors of cherry and orange.

Blood-Orange Old-Fashioned

Red Sangria Spritzer

Bring a little Spanish refreshment to your holiday relaxation with this Sangria cocktail.

pineapple punch

My Thyme

Thyme isn't just for cooking; it also makes a great drink addition to make your beverage extra refreshing.

My Thyme

Bourbon Basil Smash

Basil is great to have on hand for pesto, and for happy hour!

Bourbon Basil Smash

Nieve de Piña

Coconut water and pineapple juice make a tropical combination, even if it's chilly outside.

Nieve De Piña

Pear Crisp

This crisp cocktail is super refreshing and perfect for pear season.

Pear Crisp

Lemon-Thyme Collins

Herb infused gin steps this drink up to the next level of delicious.

lemon thyme collins

Ramos Fizz

Kick back and relax with a fun fizz!

ramos fizz


Star fruit is a fun exotic fruit that bumps up your drink's flavor and presentation.

Estrella star fruit cocktail


Start with infused tequila and end with a smoked salt rim and you're sure to have one great cocktail.


Pomegranate Martini

Take a favorite winter fruit and add it to your martini for a special, and not so sinful, drink.

Pomegranate Martini

Mango Planter's Punch

Treat yourself to a grown up version of fruit punch!

mango planters punch

Dark and Stormy-ish

This type of storm will leave you feeling satisfied instead of scared.

dark and stormy ish

Winter Shandy

Take advantage of seasonal beer to create a uniquely delicious shandy.

winter shandy

Coffee Mate

Any caffeine addict will love this coffee cocktail.

coffee mate

Maracuya Sunrise

Fruity flavors and habanero spice pack a punch in this tasty cocktail.

maracuy sunrise

Tequila Daiquiri

Stray from your typical strawberry with this tequila daiquiri.

tequila daiquri

Peach Crisp

Peach and prosecco make for a refreshing combination.

peach crisp

Mulled Punch

This fruity and cinnamon spiced punch will warm you from the inside out!

mulled punch

Bloody Mary

Brunch is complete with this Bloody Mary recipe.

bloody mary

Bloody Maria

It's a mango twist on the tomato classic.

bloody maria

Hemingway's Garden

A little bit of rum will make those greens go down easy.

Hemingway's Garden

Winter Sangria

The typically summer treat is made over for colder months so you can sip sangria all year long.

Winter Sangria

Cucumber Mojito

Cucumber slices and juice make for extra refreshing sips of this drink.

cucumber mojito

Honeydew Martini

A melon martini is the perfect way to end your day.

honeydew martini

Rye Julep

This minty fresh cocktail can make any day feel like a celebration!

rye julep

Green Sake Martini

Try this grown up version of green juice for a healthier (but no less delicious) happy hour.

green sake martini

Green Tornado

Don't let the color scare you! Mix up this drink sweetened with agave to get some greens into your diet.

Green Tornado