These kid-friendly Easter decorations can easily be made by Sunday. Hop to it!

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Rachael Ray Show/YouTube
| Credit: Rachael Ray Show/YouTube

If your house isn't yet Easter-ready, don't despair. The holiday may only be two days away, but as Brit Morin proved on the Rachael Ray Show, that's plenty of time to get your house ready for the holiday—and have fun doing it!

The founder of lifestyle media company Brit + Co appeared on Rach's show to demonstrate three simple Easter-themed crafts that not only look great but also are fun to make for kids and adults alike.

The first adorable craft Rach and Brit made was a balloon bunny using just three tools: balloons, craft paper, and double-sided tape. Kids can accessorize their bunnies as they please with whiskers, glasses, bowties and more, and the result is a supercute bunny head you'll love displaying.

Next, Brit showed viewers how to make a show-stopping carrot centerpiece from carrots, floral foam, flowers, radishes, and Brussels sprouts. Your little ones will enjoy the simple grab-and-stick process, and your guests will love the dazzlingly colorful final product. (Rach's jaw literally dropped when she saw it!)

Finally, Brit showed viewers how to make marbled hard-boiled eggs using nothing but Cool Whip and food coloring. (See our step-by-step guide to Cool Whip eggs.) Just spread Cool Whip in a pan, add a few drops of various hues of food coloring, swirl it all around, and roll hard-boiled eggs about the pan. Leave the eggs in the Cool Whip to dry for about an hour so they fully absorb the dye. Your kids will enjoy the bright, colorful final product as much as they will enjoy getting their hands covered in Cool Whip. 

Note: As Rach discovered, your fingers will get quite colorful during this process! ("Hope you don't mind if I cook with a blue hand!" Rach said.) Be sure to wear dark clothing and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

Watch the video to see how to make these cute Easter crafts, then gather the fam and get crafting!