Veggie lasagnas, lasagna burgers, Mexican lasagnas—we've got 'em all! Get your fill of the cheesy, meaty dish with these recipes.

Farmers' Market Lasagna

Farmers' Market Lasagna

This will be the freshest lasagna you've ever made, complete with zucchini, eggplant, yellow squash, basil, roasted red peppers, and Swiss chard.

Recipe: Try our Farmers' Market Lasagna

Cacio e Pepe Lasagnas

cacio e pepe lasagnas
Credit: Photography by Kate Mathis

These mini lasagna bowls combine three types of cheese, parsley, and pepper for a cozy 30-minute meal.

Recipe: Try our Cacio e Pepe Lasagnas

Lasagna Bolognese

Lasagna Bolognese

A classic Bolognese sauce with onion, carrots, celery, and meat will make this lasagna your go-to comfort dish.

Recipe: Try our Lasagna Bolognese

Tony Bennett's Mother's Lasagna

tony bennets mothers lasagna
Credit: Photography by Kate Mathis

The secret ingredient? A dash of cinnamon. If Tony Bennett says it's good, it must be true!

White Chicken Mexican Lasagna

white chicken mexican lasagna
Credit: Photography by Kate Mathis

Mexican ingredients + lasagna layers = this delicious twist on the Italian classic. 

Meat Lasagna

meat lasagna

It doesn't matter when or where: Lasagna is always a good idea. This recipes keeps it classic and delicious. 

Recipe: Try our Meat Lasanga

Vegetable Lasagna

Vegetable Lasagna

Plant-based eaters deserve to get in on the lasagna fun, and they can with this veggie- and herb-packed recipe.

Recipe: Try our Vegetable Lasagna

Rach's Lasagna Soup

three bowls of lasagna soup
Credit: Photography by Kate Mathis

For an extra-cozy take on this cold-weather classic, turn it into a soup! It's quicker and lighter but just as delicious.

Recipe: Try Rach's Lasagna Soup

Roasted Red Pepper & Hot Coppa Parmigiana

roasted red pepper & hot coppa parmigiana
Credit: Photography by Tara Donne

This lasagna is made gluten-free by replacing the noodle layers with roasted red peppers. 

Lasagna Burgers

lasagna burgers

Want to make lasagna even heartier? Make it a burger. A tomato sauce on the bottom and thick, cheesy sauce on top gives it the classic flavors with a twist.

Recipe: Try our Lasagna Burgers

Enchilada Suiza Mexican Lasagna

enchilada suiza mexican lasagne

This cultural hybrid ditches red meat and sauce for poultry and green sauce, and the result is a food mashup you'll crave every week. 

Asian Lasagna

Asian Lasagna

Another cultural food combo, this one uses wonton wrappers in place of pasta and layers them with pork, box choy, and onion. Yum! 

Recipe: Try our Asian Lasagna

Autumn Golden Vegetable Lasagna

autumn golden vegetable lasagna

A lasagna recipe made specifically for fall? We are so there. This one's got butternut squash, pumpkin puree, gouda cheese, and basil—and boy, is it good. 

Southwestern Lasagna Torta

Southwestern Lasagna Torta

Another lasagna with a Mexican twist, this one packs in Tex-Mex flavors with corn tortillas, taco seasoning, cheddar cheese, refried beans, and sour cream. Taco night, but make it layers. 

Sock-It-to-Me Moussaka Lasagna

Sock-It-to-Me Moussaka Lasagna

This classic eggplant-based Greek dish tastes just as delicious in lasagna form. Lavash bread acts as the noodles between layers of veggies, cheese, and herbs. 

All-American Lasagna

All-American Lasagna

Meet, cheese, veggies, noodles—what's not to love about this dish? 

Recipe: Try our All-American Lasagna

Eggplant Parmesan Lasagna

eggplant parmesan lasagna

Keep it simple: Layer roasted eggplant, garlicky tomato sauce, and a three-cheese mixture over lasagna noodles for a delicious, easy(ish) dinner.

Sloppy Lasagna Joes

sloppy lasagna joes

Sandwich a tomatoey meat filling and fresh ricotta between garlicky ciabatta rolls for a sloppy Joe upgrade you'll add to your monthly rotation. 

Recipe: Try our Sloppy Lasagna Joes

Polenta Lasagna

polenta lasagna

Give lasagna a fresh twist. Fried polenta gets topped with a spinach goat cheese mixture, sautéed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and artichoke hearts for a bright veggie-packed dish. 

Recipe: Try our Polenta Lasagna

Rach's Butternut Squash & Escarole Lasagna

rach butternut squash escarole lasagna

Butternut squash, sage, a bit of nutmeg, and Gruyere combine in this untraditional sweet-and-savory lasagna.

Lasagna with Meat Ragu

lasagna with meat ragu

Béchamel sauce and an herby, meaty mix are a surefire way to warm up on a cold night. 

Recipe: Try our Lasagna with Meat Ragu

Spinach & Pesto Baked Lasagna

spinach pesto baked lasagna

Spinach, pesto, cheese, and crunchy breadcrumbs—this lasagna's got all the goodies and then some.

Lasagna Pizza Bread

Lasagna Pizza Bread

Make this for your next party, and watch how quickly the pieces fly off the plate. 

Recipe: Try our Lasagna Pizza Bread

Ravioli & Escarole Lasagna

ravioli and escarole lasagna

Why top lasagna noodles with cheese when you can just use cheese-stuffed ravioli as your noodles? 

Asparagus-Ham Lasagna

asparagus ham lasagna

It might sound weird, but give it a taste. You'll be surprised how much you like it. 

Recipe: Try our Asparagus-Ham Lasagna

Portobello Lasagna with Basil Cream

portobello lasagna with basil cream

Hearty mushrooms layered between noodles, topped with a buttery basil cream, and covered in cheese are what weeknight dinner dreams are made of. 

Deconstructed Lasagna

Deconstructed Lasagna

Get all the flavors of lasagna in just 20 minutes.

Recipe: Try our Deconstructed Lasagna

"Calm Before the Storm" Lasagna


No matter how full you are, just looking at this picture is sure to make your stomach grumble. 

Turkey & Pumpkin Skillet Lasagna

turkey pumpkin skillet lasagne
Credit: Photography By Peter Ardito

This skillet lasagna comes together quickly thanks for canned pumpkin, no-boil noodles, and pre-made meatballs. 

Vegetable "Lasagna" Stacks


It's not really a lasagna, but the layers of veggies, herby ricotta, and pesto are still drool-worthy. 

Portobello Mushroom & Almond Pesto Lasagna

portobello mushroom and almond pesto lasagna

Keep this recipe on hand when you need a hearty meatless Monday dish. 

Italian Flag Lasagna

italian flag lasagna

Red sauce, green basil and zucchini, and plenty of white cheese. It's as patriotic as a lasagna can get!

Recipe: Try our Italian Flag Lasagna

Pasta Pinwheels

Pasta Pinwheels

Little rings of spinach-and-cheese stuffed noodles stacks atop sauce might be your new favorite way to enjoy the dish. 

Recipe: Try our Pasta Pinwheels