Chile peppers thrive in summertime, so as the weather heats up, so should your dishes! From Anaheim (mild) to Fresno (medium) to Habanero (spicy) and a million chiles in between, there's a pepper out there for everyone who can stand a little heat in the kitchen. Our June 2016 issue has the rundown on how to buy, store, prep and cook chiles, plus cool fun facts. (Did you know that 89% of a chile's heat is concentrated in its veins, the white spongy sections inside a pepper? Stop blaming those seeds!) Try these five recipes to put a little pep in your step this summer.

Grilled Habanero Steak Sandwich

Named for the Californian city where they were first grown, spicy red Fresno chiles have a bright, sharp flavor that pairs perfectly with the lemon in this scampi-like dish.

Shake Shack Burger with Pickled Jalapeños

Pickled peppers (per the nursery rhyme) have a different flavor profile from their fresh counterparts, and the spicy acidity goes great with beefy burgers like this one. You can buy jarred pickled jalapeños, but you can also pickle them yourself by soaking fresh ones in water, vinegar, salt and garlic.

This recipes lets you customize your chile (fresno, jalapeño or thai) based on how much heat you want. Thai is the hottest of the three, followed by jalapeño and then fresno.

Black Bean Salsa-Stuffed Peppers

Add some extra pep to your dish by using two different kinds of peppers. Serrano chile peppers bring intense heat to the salsa, while bell peppers are about as mild as they come, so the flavors don't compete with each other.

Can't get enough chiles? Check out page 27 of our June 2016 issue for more recipes, including candied chiles, three-alarm pasta and more!