Do your ice cubes a favor and freeze in a lot of flavor! These 21 cool cube combos will amp up the taste--and look--of your summer drinks.


Ice Capades

The coolest way to serve drinks? With colorful, ingredient-studded cubes! Get 21 flavor-packed ideas.

Berry Nice

For a creative way to use those summertime berries, try this: Fill an ice cube tray halfway with pureed raspberries and freeze. Top with milk, then freeze again. Serve in a fruit smoothie.

Raspberry and Milk Ice Cube

With a Twist

There's nothing more refreshing than a cool glass of lemonade on a summer day. Get this drink in cube form: thinly slice basil leaves, stir into lemonade, then freeze.

Basil Leaves and Lemonade Ice Cube

Red Alert

Add a ton of flavor to your go-to drink! It's super simple: Freeze fruit juices together; we used cranberry and concord grape.

Juice Ice Cube

Jewel Tone

Add some crunch to your cubes. Fill a tray halfway with water, add a cluster of pomegranate seeds, stir to spread them out, and freeze. Then fill with more water and seeds, stir the new layer and freeze again.

Pomegranate Seeds Ice Cube

Color Guard

Show your patriotism with these colorful treats! Use food coloring to dye milk red and blue, then freeze one layer at a time: red, regular milk, then blue. Serve in a vanilla milkshake!

Red, White and Blue Ice Cube

Pucker Up

These citrus delights will brighten up your day. Combine equal parts fresh lemon juice, and water; add a pinch of sugar. Pour into a tray, sprinkle with lemon zest and freeze.

Lemon Ice Cube

Sour Patch

Need something to cool you off on a hot summer afternoon? Place strips of lime zest in a tray, then fill it with lime juice.

Lime Ice Cube

Hot Stuff

Heat things up with a fiery ice cube. In layers, freeze prepared horseradish diluted with a little water, then hot sauce, then water with a thin jalapeno slice. Serve in a bloody mary.

Horseradish, Hot Sauce and Jalapeño Ice Cube

Divine Brine

Here's a creative way to not waste that leftover pickle juice. Strain jarred pickle juice and pour it into a tray; add a pickle chip to each cube. Serve in vodka.

Pickle Ice Cube

Tropical Treat

Need a vacation? These ice cubes will transport you straight to paradise. Puree equal parts chopped kiwi and pineapple with a little water and pour into a tray. Serve in sparkling water.

Kiwi and Pineapple Ice Cube

Cold Comfort

Who says you can't have hot chocolate in the summer? Let hot chocolate cool completely, pour into a tray, then top with a mini marshmallow. Serve in iced coffee.

Hot Chocolate Ice Cube

Stem the Tide

Surprise your guests with a treat inside a cool summer drink. Place a maraschino cherry in each section of an ice cube tray, then cover with water.

Cherry Ice Cube

Sweetness Squared

Put a twist on your traditional cup of coffee. Drop a sugar cube into each section of a tray, then cover with water. Serve in iced tea or coffee.

Sugar Ice Cube

Stalk Options

Get your daily serving of veggies in your ice cubes! Puree celery and pack the pulp into a tray. Serve in tomato juice.

Celery Ice Cube

Fire and Ice

Stir things up with this spicy cube. Fill a tray with your favorite hot sauce topped off with water. Serve in beer for a michelada.

Hot Sauce Ice Cube

Inside Job

Mix things up for girls' night! Place an olive in each section, then top with water and a splash of olive brine and serve in a martini.

Olive Ice Cube

Freshen Up

Try out these cubes to freshen up your next summer drink. Steep mint leaves in hot water for 5 to 7 minutes, then strain and let cool. Place fresh mint leaves in a tray and fill with the strained liquid.

Mint Leaf Ice Cube


These ice cubes are a great way to liven up a bowl of soup. Stir finely chopped fresh parsley into carrot juice. Serve in gazpacho.

Vegetable Ice Cube

Buzz Worthy

Boost your energy in a jiffy! Add a pinch of instant coffee or espresso to each section of a tray, then top with milk and stir until dissolved.

Bee Delighted

These cubes will make you go buzz-erk! Dissolve one part honey in three parts hot water. Let cool, then pour into a tray.

Honey Ice Cube

Magic Milk

Got a sweet tooth? Try this out. Fill a tray a third of the way with quick-hardening chocolate topping such as Magic Shell (or caramel) and freeze. Top with a layer of milk and freeze again. Finish with a layer of chocolate milk and freeze one more time.

Chocolate Milk Ice Cube

Cool Trays

Now that you've got the fillings, find the trays to add even more style to your cubes!