The Milk Bar maven reveals her top dessert recipes for the holiday season. (Hint: They include coffee!)

Christina Tosi of Milk Bar bakery
| Credit: Courtesy of Folgers

It's officially holiday baking season, and who better to talk about festive treats with than Christina Tosi, the James Beard Award-winning pastry chef and founder of Milk Bar bakery? Just in time for wintry celebrations, Tosi has partnered with Folgers to create three delicious coffee dessert recipes that are perfect for your next holiday bash: a Tiramisu Layer Cake, a Coffeehouse Pretzel Mug Cake, and a Raspberry Swirl Bundt. We caught up with Tosi to chat about her Folgers collab, her latest cookbook, and her holiday motto ("One dessert is never enough!")

Why did you want to partner with Folgers?

"I'm a big coffee drinker, and coffee and dessert pair perfectly. Plus, it's a family tradition–my dad worked for the government so his call time was very early in the morning, so my childhood memories were waking up to the smell of a fresh pot of coffee."

Which is your favorite dessert recipe for the holiday? 

"The layer cake is the one that wows, but the Raspberry Swirl Bundt is the one I'll be making most often this season. It's a one-bowl wonder, you don't have to dirty many dishes, and you can make it a day or two in advance—the grapefruit glaze really melts into the cake over time. And a bundt is really easy to bring with you, too."

Raspberry Swirl Bundt
Christina Tosi's Raspberry Swirl Bundt
| Credit: Courtesy of Folgers

What family recipes are you planning to make for the holidays?

"My family's taste kind of changes through the years—for instance, my nieces love cupcakes right now. But the recipe that's been in my family the longest is my cinnamon bun recipe. Readers can find it in my Milk Bar Life cookbook!"

What can readers expect from your new cookbook, All About Cake?

"It's a coffee table book with fun pictures, but also a great recipe book. You're getting recipes that start super simple and accessible (you don't need a stand mixer for the first 20 recipes), and it progresses all the way up to our layer cakes—you can learn how to make a wedding cake for 500 people."

Since you bake for a living, do get to take a break during the holidays and let someone else do the baking at home?

"I love baking off the clock—my curiosity, my creativity, I can let it run wild, and these recipes from Folgers are a summation of that. One thing's for sure: I'm the guest you want to invite, because one dessert is never enough!" 

Christina Tosi's Tiramisu Layer Cake