Hankering for a hearty steak burger, a bowl of pasta with seasonal veggies or a succulent chicken dish? Rachael's got you covered with her favorite comforting pastas and spring weeknight supper selections.

Tournedo Burgers with Pizzaiola Butter

The tournedo is a lean cut of beef from the tenderloin, and "pizzaiola" simply means "served pizza-style," or with a tomato-based sauce. Pair this dish with a tossed green salad or sautéed kale.


Pasta with Mussels and Vodka Cream Sauce

Fancy up any pasta dinner with mussels. Don't worry, they're super easy and quick to make.

pasta with mussels and vodka cream sauce

How to Make a Cream Sauce

Make a yummy cream sauce in three easy steps, find out what ingredients to mix in and what to do if the sauce breaks.

Lemony Lamb Chops with Chickpea Puree

It's up to you: Serve swiss chard or kale for a delicious green side.

lemony lamb chops with chickpea puree

How to Season a Skillet

Just bought a new skillet? Watch our how-to video to learn how to season it to perfection!

Sloppy Moussakas

"Here's a fave combo: Part sloppy joe and part moussaka, this Greek-inspired sandwich is made with ground lamb in a creamy sauce," Rach says.

sloppy moussakas

Instant Expert: Cutting Onions

Don't cry over cut onions. Just follow our easy step-by-step onion cutting how-to and you'll be a pro in no time.

Penne with Asparagus, Mint and Pistachios

Fresh mint leaves add a hint of spring to this light, veggie-rich pasta dish.

Penne with Asparagus, Mint & Pistachios
Credit: Photography by John Kernick

Egg Tagliatelle with Ham and Peas

The ham, peas and light cream sauce make this flavorful pasta dish a guaranteed family dinner favorite.

egg tagliatelle with ham peas

Chicken in Deviled Gravy

Use the buttery toast to soak up the delicious gravy and add some crunch.

chicken in deviled gravy

Easy Dinner Recipes

Check out more comforting 30-Minute Meals to make for dinner tonight!

Spinach & Feta Stuffed Chicken