Healthy Sandwich Recipes

We've made healthy versions of these guilty-pleasure sandwich recipes.

A Better Burger

A Better Burger

Using lean beef in your burger pumps up the protein and a small bun keeps carbs in check. Plus, forgoing bottled sauce and making your own reduces sodium by 25 percent.

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Tuna Melt

Tuna Melt

Instead of mayo, swap in olive oil to cut cholesterol. Amp up fiber by adding white beans to the tuna salad, and slash sodium by using sprouted whole grain bread instead of white and shredded swiss cheese instead of processed.

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Sausage and Pepper Sub

Sausage-and-Pepper Sub

By making your own sausage from lean pork, you can slash calories by 40 percent. Plus, serve your sausage on a whole wheat roll and you'll add fiber. Preserve the peppers' vitamin C by grilling them instead of frying.

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Blackened Shrimp Po'Boy

blackened shrimp po boy

Grill shrimp instead of deep-frying to help cut calories by 80 percent. Make a sauce of light mayo and mustard to reduce fat, and hollow out the baguette to trash empty carbs.

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Ratatouille Wraps

Ratatouille Wraps

Roll up a whole wheat wrap with a mix of colorful, flavorful, filling veggies like zucchini, eggplant and tomato with a sprinkling of creamy goat cheese.

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