If you're gearing up for St. Patrick's Day (hello, Guinness pints!), let us help you plan the perfect menu. While we love a good Irish meal, we're getting a little more color-oriented this year. We don't just mean green Jell-o or frosted cupcakes: our green food is going au natural this year (spinach, matcha, asparagus, oh my!). Check out some of our favorite recipes below!


Sneak some veggies into dinner with Shells with Gorgonzola-Creamed Greens & Roasted Squash

Serve a side of Spring Greens Cole Slaw, because the season's just around the corner!


Guinness is great, but a Green Machine Champagne Cocktail is even more festive!


Don't forget dessert! Try easy Matcha Ice Cream

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