Thank gosh for goulash! This Hungarian stew of meat and vegetables seasoned with paprika is perfect for cold nights.


Chicken Thigh Goulash with Buttered Bow Ties

Chicken Thigh Goulash with Buttered Bow Ties

Veggies, meat, and pasta all make an appearance in this filling stew. Although there's a bit of spice in there—paprika and cayenne—it's well balanced by the butter, lemon juice, and sour cream. 

Beef Goulash with Blue Cheese

beef goulash with blue cheese

Rich, funky blue cheese adds depth and creaminess to this already-packed dish. Using macaroni as the pasta is an especially nice move—all the more space for those cheesy, tomatoey meat chunks to nestle in for the perfect bite!

Mother's Garden Goulash

mother's garden goulash

This goulash goes its own way, trading out meat and paprika for loads of veggies and bright basil. Serve it the next Meatless Monday, or keep it on hand as a side dish. 

Recipe: Try Rach's Mother's Garden Goulash

Ground Meat Goulash with Macaroni

Ground Meat Goulash with Macaroni

This may look like a meat- and carb-heavy dish at first glance, but it's got tons of veggies in the mix: two carrots, an onion, two celery ribs, a bell pepper, four radishes, tomato sauce, and plenty of fresh herbs. 

Mushroom Goulash with Pierogi

mushroom goulash with pierogi

This dish plays with spices and sauces to gussy up goulash. The sweet sides of paprika, marjoram, and coriander combine with the savory side of Worcestershire for a dish that hits all the right flavor profiles. Starchy pierogi and a dash of hot pepper sauce only add to the balance.

Meat Goulash with Macaroni

meat goulash with macaroni

What makes this dish different from others is the addition of bacon and roasted red pepper to the mix. The bacon gives it a bit more salty umami, and the red pepper brings in a hint of smoky sweetness.