A traditional Italian favorite, pillowy, potato-y gnocchi never gets old. These 16 recipes ensure you’ll never get bored of the delectable dumplings.


Italian Gnocchi Soup

italian gnocchi soup

Pancetta + veggies + gnocchi = ❤️

Recipe: Try our Italian Gnocchi Soup

Gnocchi with 3-Mushroom Gravy

gnocchi with 3-mushroom gravy

When it comes to this dish, the more mushrooms the merrier!

Leek-and-Gnocchi Bake with Three Cheeses & Crispy Prosciutto

leek-and-gnocchi bake with three cheeses and crispy prosciutto

Three-cheese—yes, please! This bake only takes 25 minutes of prep time, and the hardest part is not snacking on your ingredients.

Cheesy Potato Gnocchi

cheesy potato gnocchi

Each spoonful is a little bite of heaven.

Recipe: Try our Cheesy Potato Gnocchi

Montalcino Chicken with Figs & Buttered Gnocchi

Montalcino Chicken with Figs and Buttered Gnocchi

Naturally sweet figs make for a balanced sweet and savory dish. 

Leeky, Creamy Chicken-and-Dumpling Stoup

Leeky, Creamy Chicken-and-Dumpling Stoup

This stoup is all that and dim sum! Don't forget to remove the bay leaf before serving.

Pan-Roasted Fish with Burnt Tomatoes & Chive Gnocchi

Pan-Roasted Fish with Burst Tomatoes and Chive Gnocchi

Fresh tarragon and chives brighten up this already flavorful pan-roasted halibut.

Baked Pesto Gnocchi with Tuna

baked pesto gnocchi with tuna

This is like a tuna casserole but better. 

Veal or Pork Cutlets, Brown Butter Gnocchi & Dark Greens

veal or pork cutlets brown butter gnocchi and dark greens

Gnocchi in a simple-butter sauce pairs perfectly with fried cutlets.

Rach’s Gnocchi with Velvety Veal Ragu

Gnocchi with Velvety Veal Ragu
Credit: Photography by Kate Mathis

It's soooo rich and soooo worth it. 

Crisp Gnocchi Pesto with Tomatoes & Goat Cheese

Crisp Gnocchi Pesto with Tomatoes and Goat Cheese

Sometimes simple is best, as this easy-cheesy gnocchi dish proves. 

Butternut Squash, Sweet Sausage & Gnocchi with Sage

Butternut Squash, Sweet Sausage & Gnocchi with Sage

A couple of pinches of nutmeg adds a sweet, nutty flavor. 

Baked Gnocchi Mac & Cheese

Baked Gnocchi Mac & Peas
Credit: Photography by Peter Ardito

Curl up with this on a cold night, and all your worries will melt away. 

Short-Rib Ragu with Bacon & Kale

Short-Rib Ragu with Bacon & Kale

It takes a bit of time to whip up this rib ragu, but believe us: It's completely worth the wait.

Gnocchi with Brussel Sprouts & Spinach Pesto and Parmesan Frico

gnocchi with brussels sprout and spinach pesto and parmesan frico
Credit: Photography by Marcus Nilsson

Get your frico-on! Top this Brussel sprouts pesto with frico—which is just a fancy word for Parm crisps.

Crispy Gnocchi with Mushroom & Arugula

crispy gnocchi with mushrooms arugula
Credit: Photography by Bobbi Lin

Have leftover gnocchi? Put it to good use with this salad-meets-pasta dish.