Yes, the fact that we have holidays for everything and anything can feel a little bit silly. But we say lean into National Chopsticks Day. What better excuse to put down your fork and knife and practice your chopsticks skills? From super-light tempura to stir-fried beef with snap peas and scallions, these recipes make for perfect practice—and they're pretty darn delicious too.


Pineapple Ham Fried Rice

pineapple ham fried rice
Credit: Photography by Armando Rafael

Bring life back to your leftover rice with some ham and pineapple. You'll have a full meal in just a few minutes!

Try Rachael Ray's Pineapple Ham Fried Rice

Lighter-Than-Air Tempura

Lighter Than Air Tempura
Credit: Christopher Testani

Fun fact: club soda is part of the tempura batter. You learn something new every day. 

Try Rachael Ray's Lighter-Than-Air Tempura

Brisket Ramen

brisket ramen with eggg
Credit: Photography by Peter Ardito

Upgrade your instant ramen recipe and you'll never go back. 

Try Rachel Ray's Brisket Ramen 

Pork & Scallion Wontons 

Pork & Scallion Wontons

Wontons don't get any easier than this, but no one needs to know! 

Try Rachael Ray's Pork & Scallion Wontons 

Green Machine Fried Rice 

green machine friend rice
Credit: Photography by Armando Rafael

This recipe is for all of those vegetarians and vegans out there that want to add some spice  and color to their leftover rice. 

Try Rachael Ray's Green Machine Fried Rice 

Chinese Dumpling with Chicken & Napa Cabbage Filling 

Chinese Dumpling with Chicken & Napa Cabbage Filling

You guys: Making dumplings at home is almost as easy as ordering takeout. Promise!

Tangerine Beef Stir Fry with Scallions, Chilies & Snap Peas

Tangerine Beef Stir Fry with Scallions, Chilies & Snap Peas

If you're looking to liven up your Tuesday night (or any night), this recipe is a flavor bomb.  

Sticky Rice Bites with Salmon 

sticky rice bites with salmon

The easiest recipe of the bunch is also one of the prettiest (in our opinion).

Chinese Pork Dumpling Soup 

chinese pork dumpling soup
Credit: Photography by Andrew Purcell

Dump all the ingredients in one pot, let it cook for 30 minutes, and you'll be good to go. 

Try Rachael Ray's Chinese Pork Dumpling Soup