Cronuts! Ramen Burgers! Chicken parm pizza! Hybrid foods have taken New York City by storm. We cracked the code to three delicious two-in-one treats so you can cook the trend at home -- no standing in line!

Croissant + Doughnut

The Cronut, from NYC-based pastry chef Dominique Ansel, is a model mash-up: ring-shaped croissant dough that's fried, filled and glazed like a doughnut.


Ramen Noodles + Cheeseburger

The recipe for the Asian-inspired burgers on crisp-fried noodle buns at Ramen Co. in NYC may be top secret, but our version, with melty American cheese, is equally habit-forming.

Go Veggie!

Make it a veggie burger by grilling a portobello mushroom cap and sprinkling the ramen's flavor packet on top.


Chicken Parm + Pizza

This masterful mash-up from Quality Italian in NYC combines two red-sauce favorites in one: cheesy pizza toppings on a breaded-chicken crust!

Secret Swap

The secret to that perfectly round pie: swapping ground poultry for chicken parm's usual boneless breast.

Slim Chicken Parmesan

Brownies + Cookies

The iconic chocolate chip cookie is going incognito -- as a brownie! It's the brainchild of Baked, a pastry shop in Brooklyn, which plants the dough in a chewy, rich brownie shell. Crazy good!


Go Nuts!

Swap peanut butter chips for the chocolate to make a PB-cup Brookster.

Bonus Recipe: French Onion Soup Dumplings

What do you get when you combine French Onion Soup with traditional Chinese soup dumplings? Pure deliciousness.