5 Days of Kitchen Quarantine Tips & Recipes

Everything's a little strange right now, but your kitchen can be a place of comfort. We're offering five days of tips and recipes to help you stay calm and well-fed.
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Day 1: Keep It Simple

chipotle beef and chickpea tacos with pico de gallo

When times get tough, keep the cooking simple. These five dishes start with a straightforward base and build with whatever you have on hand. Take a deep breath, go back to basics, and draw comfort from these meals.

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Day 2: Keep It Spicy (and Saucy)

Moroccan Sheet Pan Chicken

Fewer grocery store trips means more reliance on pantry staples, but you can still keep meals exciting. Now's the time to reach far back into that spice cabinet, gather all the sauces, and give your food lots of flavor.

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Day 3: Keep It Healthy

Spaghetti Squash with Olives & Goat Cheese

Staying strong during tough times means fueling your mind and body with good foods. Don't overthink it: If you're cooking with color and having fun doing it, you're well on your way.

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Day 4: Keep It Sweet

Extra-Marshmallowy Crispy Treats

Dessert is nostalgic and comforting and wonderful. Nothing soothes the soul quite like a warm cookie or buttery crispy rice bar. So don't deny your sweet tooth after a long, tense day. There's far too much going on for you to feel bad about a cookie.

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Day 5: Keep It Fun

chicken flatbread

Don't let dinners become routine! The kitchen is the place for creativity. Mix things up with simple, kid-friendly recipes that everyone can customize to their liking. These DIY recipes will get the creativity—and fun!—flowing.

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