Never-Ending Holiday Party Recipes

For home cooks (and the eaters who love them!), there's no better time than the stretch between Thanksgiving and New Year's. There are turkeys to roast, potatoes to mash, cookies to bake, and cocktails to shake! Here, at our loooong table, you'll find the recipe you need to whip up a simple, spectacular meal for any and all of the season's feasts. And remember: No matter the size of your group, or whether you're gathering in person or on Zoom, being with the people you love and appreciating what you've got is always worth celebrating.

Classic Thanksgiving Feast

holiday table with roast turkey, gravy, blue table runner, candles, and dried florals

Roast Turkey with Porchetta-Spice Butter

roast turkey porchetta with spiced butter

Recipe: Try our Roast Turkey with Porchetta-Spice Butter

Mushroom & Rosemary No-Drippings Gravy

Mushroom & Rosemary No-Drippings Gravy

Recipe: Try our Mushroom & Rosemary No-Drippings Gravy

Cran-Apricot Sauce

Cran-Apricot Sauce

Recipe: Try our Cran-Apricot Sauce

Bacon, Leek & Fresh Herb Stuffing

bacon leek fresh herb stuffing

Recipe: Try our Bacon, Leek & Fresh Herb Stuffing

Olive Oil & Scallion Mashed Potatoes

olive old scallion mashed potatoes

Recipe: Try our Olive Oil & Scallion Mashed Potatoes

Roasted Squash with Pickled Red Onions & Pecan Dukkah

roasted squash with pickled red onions

Recipe: Try our Roasted Squash with Pickled Red Onions & Pecan Dukkah

Apple-Cranberry Tart with Toasted Hazelnut Crust

apple cranberry tart with toasted hazelnut crust

Recipe: Try our Apple-Cranberry Tart with Toasted Hazelnut Crust

The Incredible Edible Cheese Board

overhead view of incredible edible cheese board on table

Recipe: Try our Incredible Edible Cheese Board

Meaty Holiday Menu

wood table with rust-colored runner, dried floral arrangement, and holiday food

Slow-Roasted Brisket with Wild Mushrooms

slow roasted brisket with wild mushrooms

Recipe: Try our Slow-Roasted Brisket with Wild Mushrooms

Horseradish Yorkshire Pudding

horseradish yorkshire pudding

Recipe: Try our Horseradish Yorkshire Pudding

Beet Rosti

beet rosti

Recipe: Try our Beet Rosti

Cauliflower & Green Bean Agrodolce

cauliflower and green been agrodolce on pink plate

Recipe: Try our Cauliflower & Green Bean Agrodolce

Spiced Citrus Compote

spiced citrus compote in glass bowl with cinnamon stick

Recipe: Try our Spiced Citrus Compote

Family-Style Eggnog Crème Brûlée

family-style eggnog creme brulee in white casserole dish

Recipe: Try our Family-Style Eggnog Crème Brûlée

Shortcut Chocolate-Mint Cookies

shortcut chocolate-mint cookies on lavender plate

Recipe: Try our Shortcut Chocolate-Mint Cookies

New Year's Cheers

New Year's table with cocktails, appetizers, and decor

Cinnamon Margarita

cinnamon margarita with lime and cinnamon stick next to cracker

Recipe: Try our Cinnamon Margarita

Salted Lime Crackers with Jalapeño Cream Cheese

salted lime crackers and jalapeño cream cheese

Recipe: Try our Salted Lime Crackers with Jalapeño Cream Cheese