Take your taste buds on a trip around the world with our international-inspired fast recipes. Watch our step-by-step videos to see just how easy it is to make these snacks, apps and desserts.

Ethnic Eats

You might not be familiar with the words caprese, arancini and affogato, but soon you will be! They yield delicious recipes that'll become instant international favorites.

Open Face Caprese

Tomatoes, mozzarella and basil are the holy trinity of Italian food. Just add crusty bread, and in 8 minutes you'll have melty goodness!

Spicy Cilantro Queso

You'll never reach for the jarred queso again after experiencing this delicious, spicy Mexican-inspired dip.

Edamame Hummus

This traditional Asian appetizer swaps out chickpeas for edamame. The result: A smooth and creamy (and green!) dip.

Spanish Tortilla Bites

If you've never had traditional Spanish tortilla, you're in for a treat! These potato bites -- inspired by the authentic Spanish dish -- are bite size beauties.

Pesto Arancini

Leftover risotto gets remade into delicious fried balls of flavor and texture.

Mango Salsamole

We've all had traditional guacamole, but adding mango and salsa verde puts a unique -- and sweet -- spin on this avocado classic.

Quick Tres Leches Cake

This Mexican "three milks" dessert can take hours to prepare. Using store bought pound cake and slicing it thinly will cut your time down to just minutes!

Affogato with Orange

This grown up sundae is popular in Italy, where the espresso is rich and the gelato is decadent!

Zucchini-Kiwi Guac

Though they may not be traditional Mexican ingredients, zucchini and kiwi add great texture, flavor and color to this vibrant dip.

Thai Chicken Salad Bites

Rotisserie chicken gets dressed up in Thai flavors with a homemade ginger chili sauce for a crave-worthy bite of Thai flavor.

Spiced Olives

Marinated olives always have a space on an Italian antipasto platter. While it's easy to buy a jar at the supermarket, making your own version really pays off.

Moscow Mule

While this cocktail was made popular in Hollywood in the 1940s, its name -- and contents -- pay tribute to Russia.

App Inspiration

Learn how to create simple yet delicious appetizers for your next get-together.

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