15 Fast & Fresh Cocktail Party Recipes


Vietnamese-Style Beef Skewers    

vietnamese style beef skewers

Try our Vietnamese-Style Beef Skewers

Crab & Peppadew Pepper Toasts

crab peppadew pepper toasts

Try our Crab & Peppadew Pepper Toasts

pickling liquid

Save that pickling liquid!

Once you polish off a jar of pickled Peppadews, add the sweet-tart brine to Bloody Mary mix, swap it in for vinegar in salad dressings, or marinate chicken in it overnight before frying.

Maple Bacon-Glazed Almonds

maple bacon glazed almonds

Try our Maple Bacon-Glazed Almonds

Poke Bites

poke bites

Try our Poke Bites

Cranberry Christmas Spirit

cranberry christmas spirit

Try our Cranberry Christmas Spirit

Smoked Salmon & Everything Bagel Cheese Ball

smoked salmon everything bagel cheese ball

Try our Smoked Salmon & Everything Bagel Cheese Ball

Bubble Up!

Ring in 2018 with four unforgettable cocktails from fizz whiz Ariel Arce, owner of Air’s Champagne Parlor in New York City.

Rosy Champagne Slushie

rosy champagne slushie

Try our Rosy Champagne Slushie

Hibiscus Kir Royale

hibiscus kir royale

Try our Hibiscus Kir Royale

Champagne Sidecar

champagne sidecar

Try our Champagne Sidecar

Sparkling Tequila Gimlet

sparkling tequila gimlet

Try our Sparkling Tequila Gimlet

One-Bite Chocolate-Raspberry Cakes

one bite chocolate raspberry cakes

Try our One-Bite Chocolate-Raspberry Cakes


Powder Power

For a fun, fresh garnish, pulverize some freeze-dried fruit in a food processor. Use the powder on desserts. Or add granulated sugar to make your own fruit sugar; sprinkle it on desserts or fruit salad, or use on cocktail rims.

Baby Potatoes with Cilantro Sauce

baby potatoes with cilantro sauce

Try our Baby Potatoes with Cilantro Sauce

Roasted Crudités with Tahini-Garlic Dip

roasted crudites with tahini garlic dip

Try our Roasted Crudités with Tahini-Garlic Dip