For our autumn-lovers, we've put together 25 recipes that brings the fall foliage to your kitchen table! Orange, red, yellow, yum!


Orange Tart

orange tart

Mix blood and navel oranges for a delish autumnal rainbow.

Recipe: Try our Orange Tart

Tomato-Stilton Soup

tomato-stilton soup

There's nothing like a steamy tomato soup on a chilly fall day!

Recipe: Try our Tomato-Stilton Soup

Quick Pumpkin Mac & Cheese

pumpkin mac and cheese topped with chives
Credit: Photography by Kate Mathis

Fall-ify your favorite easy mac 'n cheese with some creamy pumpkin puree.

Recipe: Try Rach's Quick Pumpkin Mac & Cheese

Harissa Carrots

Harissa Carrots

The secret ingredients to make this quick carrot side extra special? Harissa and maple syrup!

Recipe: Try our Harissa Carrots

Italian Baked Eggs with Eggplant & Tomato

italian baked eggs eggplant tomato 1018
Credit: Photography by Christopher Testani

Can you believe this cheerful, colorful breakfast takes less than 30 minutes?!

Carbonara with Saffron

carbonara with saffron

This isn't just any old carbonara... this one has a kick you just won't be able to resist.

Recipe: Try our Carbonara with Saffron

Spiced Tomato Soup

Spiced Tomato Soup

Give your tomato soup some flare with crushed red peppers.

Recipe: Try our Spiced Tomato Soup

Cran-Orange Compote

cran-orange compote
Credit: Photography by Sang An

Fall foliage in a bowl. Top your turkey, yogurt, ice cream... this compote is good on everything.

Recipe: Try our Cran-Orange Compote

Maple-Pumpkin Cream Pie

Maple-Pumpkin Cream Pie
Credit: James Wojcik

Give your classic pumpkin pie a boost with the perfect fall sweetener: maple syrup.

Recipe: Try our Maple-Pumpkin Cream Pie

Three-Cheese Baked Ziti

three-cheese baked ziti

With just a five minute prep time and three different cheeses, this ziti has got to be one of the easiest, cheesiest out there.

Recipe: Try our Three-Cheese Baked Ziti

Yellow Squash Soup with Parm & Herbs

yellow squash soup with parm herbs
Credit: Photography by Sarah Anne Ward

This parm squash soup is so easy you'll want to make it over and over again this season.

Baked Veggie Chips

baked veggie chips

Hello, fall colors! Get some veggies in with these healthy, homemade chips made out of beets, parsnips, sweet potatoes, and celery.

Recipe: Try our Baked Veggie Chips

Beet Tagliatelle with Walnuts

beet tagliatelle with walnuts
Credit: Photography by Christopher Testani

It's pretty darn hard not to love a pretty purple pasta with creamy cheese sauce on top.

Scalloped Potatoes & Butternut Squash

Scalloped Potatoes & Butternut Squash

The only ingredient that can make scalloped potatoes even better? Butternut squash.

Negroni Cranberry Relish

Negroni Cranberry Relish

Make a boozy cranberry relish the parents will love this Thanksgiving. It only takes 15 minutes!

Recipe: Try our Negroni Cranberry Relish

Sweet Potato Bites

Sweet Potato Bites

This simple side is a winner. Just slice up some sweet potatoes and pop them in the oven for twenty minutes. Easy as that!

Recipe: Try our Sweet Potato Bites

Tilapia Chowder

tilapia chowder

This loaded soup is full of flavors. From chorizo to tilapia, carrots to tomatoes, and onions to garlic, your tastebuds will be sure to thank you. 

Recipe: Try our Tilapia Chowder

Butternut & Sage Pappardelle

Butternut & Sage Pappardelle

You'd be surprised just how easy it is to make this five-ingredient fall pasta dish. 

Turmeric Mashed Potatoes

Turmeric Mashed Potatoes

Don't settle for the same ole' mashed potatoes. Whip up a batch of creamy, seasoned turmeric 'taters in just twenty minutes prep time.

Recipe: Try our Turmeric Mashed Potatoes

Tarragon-Tossed Carrots

tarragon-tossed carrots

Elevate your carrot game by sprinkling chopped tarragon on top for the ultimate display.

Recipe: Try our Tarragon-Tossed Carrots

Pomegranate-Glazed Beets

pomegranate glazed beets
Credit: Photography by Johnny Miller

Molasses and pomegranate juice make for a sweet 'n sour sensation.

Roasted Carrot, Squash & Sweet Potato Soup

Roasted Carrot, Squash & Sweet Potato Soup

The fall trifecta of ingredients! Have a spoonful of autumn when you eat this carrot, squash & sweet potato soup.

Creamy Beet & Goat Cheese Risotto

creamy beet goat cheese risotto

Bet you've never had risotto as pretty as this!

Sweet Potato & Orange Casserole

joy philbin's sweet potato orange casserole

This sweet, autumnal twist on casserole is our new fall fave.

Recipe: Try Joy Philbin's Sweet Potato & Orange Casserole

Spaghetti-Squash Pizza

Spaghetti-Squash Pizza

This season, we're putting squash on just about everything. And we're especially loving this spaghetti-squash-ricotta 'za.

Recipe: Try our Spaghetti-Squash Pizza