6 Mini Caprese Appetizers

For a fun, snackable salad, slice or quarter bocconcini (those ping-pong-ball-size mozzarella balls) or use perlini (the really tiny mozzarella balls). Skewer with the other ingredients, pop the Prosecco, and start the party!
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Mozzarella, spinach tortellini, salami & cracked black pepper

mozz spinach tortellini salami cracked black pepper

Blueberries, mozz, thyme leaves & EVOO

blueberries mozz thyme leaves EVOO

Mozz-stuffed Peppadew peppers, toast cubes & chives

mozz stuffed peppadew peppers toast cubes chives

Mortadella, mozz, figs, crushed red pepper & honey

mortadella mozz figs crushed red pepper honey

Strawberries, mint, mozz & balsamic glaze

strawberries mint mozz balsamic glaze

Artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, mozz & cooked chopped garlic