Many of your buy your Thanksgiving pies, and we get it: Baking can be daunting. Until now! All of these showstoppers are so easy, you don't even need a pie plate.


Pumpkin Chiffon Pie

A lighter-than-air twist on classic pumpkin pie is sure to wow your guests and leave a lasting impression.

pumpkin chiffon pie

Perfect Pie Crust

Make this easier-than-pie crust up to two days before Thanksgiving, so you won't feel overwhelmed on the big day.

perfect piecrust

Cran-Apple Bundle

This crust is a definite crowd-pleaser, and the filling is a perfect mixture of sweet and tart.

Cream of the Crop

Gussy up whipped cream with a dollop of créme fraiche or slivers of crystallized ginger, grated citrus zest, a scraped vanilla bean or a drop of your favorite liqueur.

bowl of whipped cream

Mixed-Berry Turnovers

The secret to keeping these individual pastries easy and fresh is using frozen berries.

mixed-berry turnovers

Pear-Vanilla Crostata with Almonds

Fresh pears, vanilla bean and toasty almonds are what make this rustic tart taste like the flavors of fall.

pear-vanilla crostada with almonds

Candy Bar Pie

This pie not only tastes like a chocolate candy bar, it looks like one too!

candy bar pie