30 Easy French Recipes

Paris is calling your name! Whip up all the best French classics right at home with these quick and easy recipes.
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Ham & Cheese Crepes

Ham & Cheese Crepes

What's more French than a crepe? Especially a ham & cheese one. Make this simple, five-ingredient French sandwich for breakfast, lunch or quick snack.

Recipe: Try our Ham & Cheese Crepes

Easy Coq au Vin

Easy Coq au Vin

Traditional French dinner, made easy. Tip: double the recipe's ingredients to make enough to serve at a dinner party. It'll be a hit!

Recipe: Try our Easy Coq au Vin

Blini with Red Caviar

blini with red caviar

Wow your guests with this snazzy app.

Recipe: Try our Blini with Red Caviar

Classic French Omelet

Classic French Omelet

The French keep their omelets very simple—just eggs, salt & pepper and herbs. It doesn't need anything else to be totally delish!

Recipe: Try J. Kenji Lopez-Alt's Classic French Omelet

French Profiteroles

French Profiteroles

This classic Parisian dessert is a petite but satisfying after-dinner sweet.

Recipe: Try our French Profiteroles

Green Bean & Shallot Salad

Green Bean & Shallot Salad

Make this quintessential French side dish to accompany any main chicken or meat. The beans are coated in a vinegar, Worcestershire, paprika and mustard mix, so they're sure to be more flavorful than any plain old green bean dish.

Recipe: Try our Green Bean & Shallot Salad

French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup

French onion soup only needs five ingredients!

Recipe: Try our French Onion Soup

Chicken Paillard Croque Madame with Asparagus

chicken paillard croque madame with asparagus

Get the best of two French classics with this protein-packed combo dish. And in just thirty minutes!

Recipe: Try Rach's Croque Madame Upgrade: Chicken Paillard Croque Madame with Asparagus

Mini Cheese Soufflés

Mini Cheese Souffles

These airy, cheesy, buttery soufflés are perfect starter courses for a special occasion meal.

Recipe: Try our Mini Cheese Soufflés

Ham & Cheese Crustless Quiche with Asparagus-Cannellini Salad

Ham & Cheese Crustless Quiche with Asparagus-Cannellini Salad

Whip up everyone's favorite French brunch in just a single skillet. Add a side salad of asparagus, beans and onions for a little something extra.

Recipe: Try our Ham & Cheese Crustless Quiche with Asparagus-Cannellini Salad

Roasted Rosemary Potatoes with Lemon Mayo

roasted rosemary potatoes with lemon mayo

You can always count on potatoes.

Recipe: Try our Roasted Rosemary Potatoes with Lemon Mayo

Roasted Garlic-Lemon Chicken

roasted garlic-lemon chicken

This freezer friendly recipe makes 11 servings for you to freeze and save for the winter ahead, or for a big dinner party.

Recipe: Try our Roasted Garlic-Lemon Chicken

Ginger French 75

Ginger French 75

You'll need a crisp, refreshing drink to sip on between bites of this decadent food, so what better than a sparkling gin, ginger, and lemon cocktail?

Recipe: Try our Ginger French 75

Ready-to-Bake Pear-Almond Tart

ready-to-bake pear-almond tart

This sweet-and-nutty pie is simple to make and has a puffy, crispy crust that won't disappoint. 

Recipe: Try our Ready-to-Bake Pear-Almond Tart

Roasted Cod with Orange & Radicchio

Roasted Cod with Orange & Radicchio

For an easy, light lunch or dinner, make this healthy five-ingredient salad.

Recipe: Try our Roasted Cod with Orange & Radicchio

Petite Filets with Spicy Pink Creme Fraiche & Shoestring Mushrooms

Petite Filets with Spicy Pink Créme Fraîche & Shoestring Mushrooms

These little filets and stringy mushrooms are topped with the prettiest pink sauce.

Recipe: Try our Petite Filets with Spicy Pink Creme Fraiche & Shoestring Mushrooms

Grilled Ratatouille Boats

Grilled Ratatouille Boats

We took traditional French ratatouille and put it in zucchini boats for easy serving!

Recipe: Try our Grilled Ratatouille Boats

Potato-Leek Soup

potato-leek soup

Want a simple lunch or dinner? Look no further. Serve chilled, or on a cold day, warm up and eat with toasted French bread.

Recipe: Try our Potato-Leek Soup

Eggs Benedict

eggs benedict

Good morning, beautiful! You can have this mouthwatering breakfast in just thirty minutes.

Recipe: Try our Eggs Benedict

White Asparagus Bread Salad with Hollandaise

white asparagus bread salad with hollandaise

What's a French salad without bread and creamy, dreamy hollandaise sauce?

Recipe: Try our White Asparagus Salad with Hollandaise

Creamy Dijon-Tarragon Chicken with Rice Pilaf

Creamy Dijon-Tarragon Chicken with Rice Pilaf

Tasty green beans and rich, tender chicken—it's a French dinner at its finest.

Recipe: Try our Creamy Dijon-Tarragon Chicken with Rice Pilaf

Pan-Roasted Rosemary Mushrooms

pan roasted rosemary mushrooms

These mushrooms are cooked in classic French fashion—with lots of butter and just the right amount of herbs.

Recipe: Try our Pan-Roasted Rosemary Mushrooms

Blender Chocolate-Mint Mousse

blender chocolate mint mousse

This melt-in-your-mouth mousse is the perfect holiday dinner dessert. Plus, it only takes fifteen minutes to make.

Recipe: Try our Blender Chocolate-Mint Mousse

Pork Chops with Grapes

pork chops with grapes

Grapes add a sweet taste to salty, savory pork chops.

Recipe: Try our Pork Chops with Grapes 

Baked Brie with Toasted Walnuts

baked brie with toasted walnuts

Baked brie is always a crowd favorite. Make the app even more exciting by adding toasted walnuts in the puff pastry.

Recipe: Try our Baked Brie with Toasted Walnuts

Easy Hollandaise

Easy Hollandaise Sauce

Classic creamy hollandaise sauce is a sure way to upgrade any plain fish or meat dish.

Recipe: Try our Easy Hollandaise Sauce

Scrambled Egg Turnovers

scrambled egg turnovers

Our stomachs are grumbling just looking at that gourmet breakfast sammie...

Recipe: Try our Scrambled Egg Turnovers

Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes

Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes

More cheese, please!

Recipe: Try our Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes

Radicchio & Blue Cheese

radicchio blue cheese

This little salad is texture heaven. Munch on crunchy walnuts, jicama and coleslaw, but then also get the buttery consistency of the blue cheese.

Recipe: Try our Radicchio & Blue Cheese

Croque Monsieur Casserole

Croque Monsieur Casserole

Make a French classic in casserole form so the whole family can enjoy it.

Recipe: Try our Croque Monsieur Casserole