Whether it's summertime or the holiday season, our berry recipes are sure to hit the spot. We've got everything from cakes to pies, parfaits to ice creams and cheesecakes to trifles, all featuring the most popular berries--strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry and cranberry.

Berry Tiramisu

This red, white and blue dessert is perfect for any occasion. Randomly distribute the strawberries, blackberries and blueberries on top to create a casual and colorful topping. Or get creative and arrange the fruit into artistic red and blue lines.

Berry Tiramisu

Strawberry Marshmallow & Cracker Cake

This crazy-cool pie from Momofuku Milk Bar Pastry Chef, Christina Tosi, is both sweet and salty with strawberry-flavored marshmallow cream fluff and butter crackers.

strawberry marshmallow and cracker cake

Cherry Shortcakes

There's something about shortcake. Is it the tender biscuits? The season's best fruit? The generous dollop of whipped cream? We suggest you eat this dessert up and then get back to us!

Cherry Shortcakes
Credit: Yunhee Kim

Whipped Cream in 3 Steps

Forget the canned whipped cream, instead follow our easy, 3-step recipe to make homemade whipped cream for all of your cakes and ice cream treats.

homemade whipped cream

Chilled Raspberry Cream Pie

Too hot to cook? You can still enjoy a berry pie--this no-bake version comes together in the fridge.

Chilled Raspberry Cream Pie

PBandJ Ice Cream Pie

We took this school lunch favorite and turned it into an ice cream pie that both kids and adults will love. We suggest using strawberry sorbet, but feel free to use whichever flavor is your favorite!

pbj ice cream pie

Berries and Cream Cheesecake

This cool, no-bake cheesecake is a show-stopping dessert, no matter what time of year it is.

Berries and Cream Cheesecake

Strawberry Clouds

When you need a dessert in a flash, whip up this 4-ingredient easy, breezy dessert. Pop them in the fridge right before you eat dinner and they'll be perfectly chilled and ready to eat as soon as you finish your main course.

Strawberry Clouds

I-Heart-Raspberry Sorbet Sandwiches

This twist on the classic hand-held ice cream sandwich is easy to love and are perfect time of the year--from summer to Valentine's Day.

I-Heart-Raspberry Sorbet Sandwiches

Blackberry Cornbread

We took this usually savory side dish and added a sweet twist with fresh blackberries. Serve this bread plain or with butter for B, L or D--breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Blackberry Cornbread

Strawberry Cheesecake Snacks

These tasty and tiny snacks are the perfect finger food for any soiree. We bet you won't be able to stop at just one!

Strawberry Cheesecake Snacks

Raspberry Summer Pudding

These individual, 5-ingredient summer puddings can be made in under 30 minutes. Use your choice of challah or brioche bread and top with creme fraiche, greek yogurt or whipped cream.

raspberry summer pudding

Berry Special Cake

This Berry Special Cake is perfect for special occasions. With its finishing touch--a ribbon made from fruit taffy candy--this dessert is always a crowd-pleaser.

berry special cake

Strawberry-Kiwi Fool

This classic British dessert is fresh and fruity plus rich and creamy. Talk about a seriously delicious dessert. No fools!

Mix things up by using different fruits. Two combos to try: blackberries and peaches or raspberries and honeydew melon.

strawberry kiwi fool

Tiny Raspberry Tarts

These teeny, tiny desserts are so cute plus fast and easy to make! Save time by using store-bought pie dough as the tart wrapper.

Tiny Raspberry Tarts

Balsamic Strawberries

Reduced Italian balsamic vinegar gives strawberries a slightly savory flavor in this fast and marscapone-whipped cream topped dessert.

balsamic berries

Grilled Pound Cake with Warm Berry Sauce

Take pound cake to a new level by grilling it--and topping it with a warm berry sauce! Yum-O!

Grilled Pound Cake with Warm Berry Sauce

Angel-Berry Parfaits

These heavenly parfaits get their name from light and fluffy angel food cake. We loved the combination of strawberry and raspberries, but get creative and experiment with other combinations to find your favorite.

Angel-Berry Parfaits

Nutty Peanut Butter & Jelly Squares

These nutty and fruity square are perfect as an on-the-go snack or outdoor picnic dessert. Use a little whole wheat flour to add a nutty flavor, crunchy texture and a bit of fiber.

nutty peanut butter jelly squares

Strawberry Cornmeal Cupcakes

We love these slightly sweet cupcakes as an on-the-go breakfast or light dessert. Whenever possible, serve these tasty treats warm.

strawberry cornmeal cupcakes

Creme de Menthe Parfaits with Raspberries

This adults-only, 4-ingredient dessert can be made in under 5 minutes! Minty creme de menthe liqueur gives this dessert it's gorgeous green hue and a kick of refreshing flavor.

creme de menthe parfaits with raspberries

Cran-Raspberry Truffles

These decadent chocolate truffles feature two berry flavors, cranberry and raspberry! Make them for your sweetheart for Valentine's Day or any time when you'd like a sweet chocolate-y treat.

cran raspberry truffles

Two-Bite Tarts

Store-bought pie crust means you can make these two-bite tarts in under 20 minutes. Make them ahead of time as a fast breakfast or fill them with a combination of chocolate and fruit for a truly indulgent dessert.

two bite tarts

Merry Berry Trifle

Sponge-cake cups soak up all the yummy berry flavors in this festive dessert. Prepared angel food cake also works well (youll need an 11-oz. cake cut into 18 slices).

merry berry trifle