Wow your Easter dinner guests with your hostess prowess! Choose one of these standout entrees ranging from lamb to ham and beyond.

Spice-Rubbed Lamb Chops

Spicy and juicy, these lamb chops bring the heat to the dinner table. Present each plate with lemon wedges for squeezing over the lamb -- it brings out the meat's juiciness.

Baked Ham with Plum-and-Thyme Glaze

This is the perfect entrée for feeding a large group. Make sure to choose your longest and sharpest knife for carving.

Baked Ham with Plum-and-Thyme Glaze

Lamb Chops with Chickpea Puree

This entrée features a creamy chickpea puree. Serve with greens or a side salad for a dinnertime hit!

Lemony Lamb Chops with Chickpea Puree

Beef Wellington

For a festive springtime presentation, take leftover pastry strips and cut them into fun shapes. Press them onto the crust and brush with a beaten egg.

Beef Wellington

How to Carve a Ham

Avoid any mishaps or injuries with our how-to on properly carving a springtime staple entrée: ham.

Lemon & Thyme Beef Stroganoff

Easy to serve and always tasty, beef stroganoff is a crowd-pleaser. This take on the original recipe is fresh and citrusy -- perfect for a springtime get-together.

Lemon & Thyme Beef Stroganoff

Ham and Potato Salad

If you don't want ham to steal the show as the entrée, try this recipe as a savory side instead. Keep any leftovers to use as a weekday lunch.

Stuffed Pork Chops

Fire up the grill and take in the springtime air while you cook. These grilled chops will give diners the introduction to spring they've been waiting for all winter.

Deviled Pork Chops with Apples & Squash

Eggs aren't the only deviled treats this spring! If you're looking for another way to pump this recipe up, sprinkle crunchy pumpkin seeds over the chops.

How to Bake Pork Chops

Nip dinner disasters in the bud with this how to on baking the best pork chops!

Lamb Chops with Spinach Pilaf

These chops take the cake with their sweet and savory pomegranate gravy. Make sure you prepare extra gravy -- you can use it to add a little flair to any kind of meat!

Lamb Chops with Spinach Rice Pilaf

Egg Tagilatelle with Ham and Peas

For an entrée that's lighter on the ham than the traditional baked and carved version, try this pasta dish. It's crowd-friendly and flavorful.

Chipotle Stroganoff

Friends and family will love this spicy springtime entrée. Make extras and store them in the freezer for quick midweek meals.

Chipotle Stroganoff

How to Cook Easter Dinner

Need more ideas on how to serve friends and family the best Easter dinner? Watch our video for inspiration!

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