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Winter Mulled Wine
"Mulled wine isn't my jam, but I like making it for guests. It triggers happy memories of Upstate New York winters." —John
John's Limoncello
A lemony sip that pays homage to dusk in the eternal city.
Raspberry-Ice Pop Spritz
Serve upside-down in a glass of crisp, sparkling wine for a cool summer treat.
John's Hibiscus Margarita
"You can buy hibiscus syrup online or make some. Brew strong hibiscus tea, then heat 4 ounces in a saucepan with 4 ounces of sugar. Stir until dissolved." -John
Filthy Martini
"This martini has got umami—and lots of it. It will chill you out, warm you up, and satisfy you with a little snack.” —John
Hibiscus Fizz
A booze-free spritz for spring.

More Drinks

Cinnamon Margarita
This dramatic (and delicious) cinnamon tequila couldn't be easier to make!
Southern Sparkling Punch
Pro tip: Rinse your glass with sweet vermouth before pouring in the drink to add another layer of flavor to the finished cocktail.
Passionista Spritz

This refreshing drink, which gets its tang from passion fruit juice and lemon juice, comes from John Benevides, the bar manager at SRV in Boston.