You're going to want to put it on EVERYTHING.

Dorito Butter in all its glory.
| Credit: Photography by Peter Ardito

This morning, as we were cleaning out the test kitchen fridge before the weekend, I came into possession of three ears of corn. (Perks of working at a food magazine!) As I wondered aloud what I should do with them—Corn fritters? Mexican-style elote? Corn chowder?—our executive food editor, Nina Elder, stopped me mid-ramble to remind me of a brilliant recipe we published a few years ago. 

Grilled Corn with—wait for it—Dorito Butter. 

Yep, Dorito Butter. And yep, it's just as good as it sounds. (And if that doesn't sound good to you, I don't even know what to say.)

The recipe, by former assistant food editor Ananda Eidelstein, is probably the easiest thing in the universe. Your kids could do it with their eyes closed—but, on second thought, maybe keep them out of the process, or they might start asking you to put Dorito Butter on everything. (More ideas down below, if that ends up being your reality.)

Here's what you do: crush up a handful of nacho-flavored Doritos and mix it all up with one stick of softened butter. Then slather it on warm grilled corn. That's it. Are you drooling yet?

Note: We've only tried this with the Nacho flavor, but please report back if you're brave enough to try it with another flavor. Cool Ranch? Hard pass. But Spicy Sweet Chile Dorito Butter sounds kind of delicious, actually.

You might not use up a whole stick of butter with your corn, unless you're eating a LOT of corn, or you REALLY like this Dorito Butter (which you will). But on the off-chance you have some extra, we've got a few more ideas for what you can put it on:

  1. Cornbread
  2. Potatoes (Nina told me she served it on grilled smashed potatoes once and "everyone flipped")
  3. Steak
  4. Burgers
  5. Toast

The list goes on and on. And now I can't wait to get home, grill my corn, and slather 'em up with some good ol' D.B.

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