Dinners for a Deal: Stacked Salads for Under $3

Tossed, schmossed! Layer your greens—and other more indulgent goodies—to give those same old salads a lift.
Stacked Chicken Tostada Salad

Try our Stacked Chicken Tostada Salad $2.68 per person

Grilled Shrimp & Rice-Noodle Salad

Try our Grilled Shrimp & Rice-Noodle Salad $2.63 per person

Steak, Potato Chip & Blistered Tomato Salad

Try our Steak, Potato Chip & Blistered Tomato Salad $2.98 per person

Salmon Panzanella with Basil Vinaigrette

Try our Salmon Panzanella with Basil Vinaigrette $2.95 per person

Mediterranean Niçoise

Try our Mediterranean Niçoise $2.84 per person