Sink your teeth into these grilled, dipped, baked and frozen desserts on a stick all summer long. The best part: no fork required!


Avocado Ice Pops

Ripe avocados give these popsicles an extra creamy texture and bright green color.

Lemon Meringue Pie

This is the easiest lemon meringue pie you'll ever make. Plus, the flavor is outrageous.

Lemon Meringue Pie

DIY Caramel Apples

Don't wait for the state fair to enjoy these carnival treats -- they're super easy to make at home.

Sangria on a Stick

This exotic, grown-up take on ice pops captures the essence of your favorite summer drink.

Pecan Pie Pops

No need to share a slice when you can have your very own pecan pie on a stick.

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Ice Pop

Chocolate-covered strawberries just got a whole lot cooler -- literally!


Plum-filled dumplings are easy to make with store bought egg roll wrappers and a little TLC!

Caramel Corn Ice Pop

Here's an amazing flavor combo: custardy corn ice cream -- yes, corn -- hiding a caramel-candy center.

Blackberry Blintzes

Fill prepared crepes with blackberries and farmer's cheese for a new take on a breakfast blintze.

Mustache Cookie Pops

These cookies are light, sweet and super silly!

Sweet and Hot Sugared Melon

This spicy honeydew skewer is the ideal poolside snack.

Black Forest Skewers

Cherries and chocolate are a classic combination. Add a grill and some whipped cream and you've got yourself an A+ summer treat!

Black Forest Skewers