9 Crust Ideas that are Better than Breadcrumbs

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We sure love us some buttery, toasty breadcrumbs sprinkled on mac and cheeseand casseroles, but once in a while we like to change things up. Try these fun, unexpected ingredients for breading, topping and even making a crust. The best part is you probably have most of the ingredients at home!



They're not just for snack time! Try pistachios on chicken, pumpkin seeds on pork chops or almonds on white flaky fish.



Shred potatoes finely then squeeze out any remaining water for a super-crunchy crust on pork cutlets or chicken breast.

Snack Foods


Grind up pretzels for chicken tenders, rice crackers for tuna steaks or tortillas for quiche or pork.

Sweet Things!


Granola makes a great base for a sweet-and-savory tart, or try coconut to add a tropical twist to any protein.

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