Cook Once, Eat for a Week

Your weeknight dinners just got a lot easier.
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caribbean jerk chicken, cilantro rice, and roasted thighs

Garlic & Coriander Roasted Chicken

garlic and coriander roasted chicken

Recipe: Try our Garlic & Coriander Roasted Chicken

Cilantro Rice

cilantro rice pilaf

Recipe: Try our Cilantro Rice

Southwest Chicken Caesar Salad

southwest chicken caesar salad

Recipe: Try our Southwest Chicken Caesar Salad

Indian-Spiced Salmon & Rice

indian spiced salmon and rice

Recipe: Try our Indian-Spiced Salmon & Rice

Caribbean Jerk Chicken

caribbean jerk chicken

Recipe: Try our Caribbean Jerk Chicken

Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

buffalo chicken sandwiches

Recipe: Try our Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

Green Rice Bowl 

green rice bowl with tomatoes, chard and artichokes

Recipe: Try our Green Rice Bowl