Coleslaw recipes all seem the same; cabbage, mayo and vinegar. Well that ends here. We've pulled together our most flavorful slaws just in time for all of your summer gatherings, picnics and BBQs.

Green Cabbage Coleslaw

This traditional slaw side dish can be made in so many different varieties. But the classic recipe is still a summertime favorite. Make sure to use chilled cabbage when preparing for the freshest flavor with each bite.

Green Cabbage Coleslaw

Mango-Radish Coleslaw

Looking for a sweet variation of our Green Cabbage Coleslaw? Try this! We've added in mango, parsley and lemon juice for a taste of summer all year round!

mango-radish coleslaw

Asian Coleslaw

Not only is this slaw super easy to make, but it'll fill your kitchen with a score of scents! Sweet mango, chunky peanut butter and savory soy sauce blend together to take this slaw to the next level.

asian coleslaw

Radicchio & Blue Cheese

Take our Green Cabbage Coleslaw; add in a few tasty, textured treats like toasted walnuts and crumbled blue cheese and viola! You have a full-bodied slaw, ready to steal the spotlight at any gathering.

radicchio blue cheese

Red Plum-and-Napa Cabbage Slaw

Dress up "Chinese Cabbage" by tossing it in a vinegar, ginger and soy sauce dressing. The plums and wasabi-flavored rice crackers combine for sweet-and-spicy flavor.

red plum-and-napa cabbage slaw

Spring Greens Coleslaw

Since this salad is mostly made up of greens, the flavors of mint get to take center stage. It's a refreshing slaw for a warm summer day.

spring greens coleslaw

Malt Vinegar Slaw

For a light dressing, mix malt vinegar with mayo, mustard and lemon juice. Toss the slaw in this zesty dressing and let it all chill in the fridge. Before you dive in, add the sunflower seeds for an unexpected, but totally delish crunch.

malt vinegar slaw

Bean & Bacon Coleslaw

You'll need three different types of beans for this recipe; wax beans, string beans and haricots verts (that's just the French name for 'green beans'). They each bring a slightly different flavor, which goes nicely with crisp bacon for a bean-tastic slaw.

Bean & Bacon Coleslaw

North Carolina-Style Coleslaw

Like everything in North Carolina, this slaw was made for BBQ. It's slightly sweet and spicy flavor complements burgers, ribs and of course, pulled pork sandwiches.

North Carolina-Style Coleslaw

Twists on a Dish

Gotta have more? Check out how we take one coleslaw recipe and give you nine totally different variations for it!

Green Cabbage Coleslaw