5 Cheap & Easy Dinner Recipes Using Rice

Take the pantry staple from side dish to supper star with these easy recipes.
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Pomegranate Pilaf with Steak

pomegranate pilaf with steak

Try our Pomegranate Pilaf with Steak ($2.39 per serving)

Tuscan Rice Soup

tuscan rice soup

Try our Tuscan Rice Soup ($2.58 per serving)

Miso-Ginger Chicken & Rice

miso ginger chicken rice

Try our Miso-Ginger Chicken & Rice ($1.94 per serving)

Carrot Risotto with Carrot Tops

carrot risotto with carrot tops

"Risotto is probably the biggest rip-off in restaurants. It’s just short-grain rice! Make this one (or choose from the dozens on our website!) as a great way to stretch a buck." —Rach

Try our Carrot Risotto with Carrot Tops ($1.83 per serving)

Chorizo Fried Rice

chorizo fried rice

Try our Chorizo Fried Rice ($1.09 per serving)