It's a piece of cake to use frosting to add decorations to your cake. Just watch our how-to videos to learn piping tricks and more!


Tips & Tricks

Don't just settle for yummy, take your cake to the next level with expert-approved decorations! Watch our how-to videos to learn all our cool techniques.

How to Decorate a Cake

Use fruit, nuts, candy and more to decorate. Learn how in this how-to video, plus learn how to personalize a cake, make fruit flowers and more.

How to Prep & Frost a Cake

Watch and learn our techniques on how to frost a layer cake in this how-to video, plus get tricks and tips from the test kitchen on the best way to use buttercream frosting.

How to Pipe Frosting

Learn how to pipe frosting plus get tricks and tips on rosettes, frosting candle holders and more.

Easy Frosting Designs

Watch and learn how to use a spoon and fork to create easy frosting designs!

How to Pipe Frosting

Let our test kitchen experts teach you how to pipe icing with tools you already have in your kitchen.

How to Decorate Kids Cupcakes

Learn how to use a few candies and techniques to turn cupcakes into every kids' dream birthday treat in this video.

Chocolate, Please!

Satisfy your sweet tooth with more decadent desserts.