You won't believe the amount of flavor coming from Rach's burgers. We can say with certainty that 2011 was one delicious year!


Rascally Rarebit

Pump up the pub flavor of sirloin burgers with a sauce made of beer, mustard and cheddar cheese.

Crunchy Tuna Burgers

"I love eating at sushi restaurants and burger joints, so I came up with a recipe that combines the best of both worlds. Pass the wasabi mustard!" --Rach

Meat Lovers' Burger

Meat lovers will eat their veggies, too, when you pile this burger with tomatoes, arugula and kickin' red onion.

Meat Lovers Burger

Big Beef Burgers with Crunchy Sour Cream Onions

This open-wider's got a crispy sour cream onion ring on top. But don't make 'em just for this beefy beauty -- they're fabulous with any grilled dish. Skip lunch and enjoy!

Patty Melts with Eggs

These patty melts make a fast, fun meal for breakfast, lunch, dinner -- or any time in between!

Patty Melts with Eggs

Big, Beefy Mushroom-Cheddar Melts

These bellos bring some big, beefy flavor, you won't even miss the meat!

Big, Beefy Mushroom-Cheddar Melts

French Onion Dip Burgers

Who doesn't love French onion soup dip? Here, it marries and American burger: Caramelized onions get mixed with sour cream, then piled along with ridged chips.

Sage-Scented Veal Burgers with Fontina & Squash Rings

Veal chops with sage are a fave. If you like them, too, try this rich, buttery, earthy-flavored burger version.

Sauerbraten Burgers

Although sauerbraten traditionally includes up to three days of marinating, this Sammy version takes only 30 minutes!