A new decade means a whole new slew of burgers for Rach to dream up. Check out what she created in 2010!

Knife 'n' Fork Steak Burgers with Blue Cheese Potatoes

Beat the winter blahs with tangy, blue cheese-infused mashed potatoes served alongside a mushroom-topped burger.

Adirondack Red Wing Burgers

These hot-wing burgers will all the fixins deserve their own cheering squad.

Adirondack Red Wing Burger

Spicy Lamb Sliders with Harissa

These itty-bitty North African-inspired burgers are big on fiery flavor.

Club Burger Sliders with Avocado Ranch Dressing

Give the BLT a new spin with bacon-stuffed turkey sliders.

Club Burger Sliders with Avocado-Ranch Dressing

"I'll Have What Charlie's Having" Pastrami Sliders

These adorable sliders transform the classic sandwich into something you'll really flip for.

Long Boy Sausage Burgers with Pickled Fennel and Peperonata

These zesty, sub-size burgers are sure to score big with any hungry crowd.

Nacho Slider-Size Burgers

Lean sirloin burgers topped with a few chips and a little cheese are even more delicious than a supersize snack of salty chips.

Nacho Slider-Size Burgers

Poblano Popper Super-Sliders

These fiery, jalapeno-popper-inspired mini burgers will warm you up from the inside out!

Pimiento Cheese Sliders

The sweet 'n' spicy melted topping on these mouthwatering mini burgers is inspired by a classic Southern recipe.

Pimiento Cheese Sliders