Spend the warm-weather months perfecting these juicy dishes, and your summer is guaranteed to be sweet as a peach. 🍑

Peach & Prosciutto Crostini

peach prosciutto crostini
Credit: Photography by Kate Mathis

Peaches and prosciutto go together like peanut butter and jelly! This salty-sweet app is what summer's allll about.

Rach's Grilled-Peach Caprese Rotisserie Chicken Salad

grilled peaches caprese rotisserie chicken salad
Credit: Photography by Joseph De Leo

Ever grilled peaches? After you try Rach's juicy salad, it'll be your new favorite pastime. Toss in some tomatoes, baby mozzarella, and scallions for that extra oomph.

Peaches, Vidalia Onions & Sausages Tray Bake

tray bake peaches, vidalia onions and sausages
Credit: Photography by Joseph De Leo

Meat, fruit, veggies, herbs—this tray bake has it all! The only hard part is deciding what to stick your fork into first. 

Grilled Pork Tenderloin & Peaches

grilled pork tenderloin and peaches
Credit: Photography by Christopher Testani

You could make pork tenderloin without a warm, sweet, grilled peach on top, but what's the fun in that? Round out the flavors with some grainy mustard and brown sugar.

Oatmeal Pancakes with Peach Compote


This is the ultimate breakfast treat. The fact that it's fun to make (and kinda healthy!) is just an added bonus.

Peach Gazpacho

peach gazpacho

Chilled soup gets a fruity makeover! Slurp this cold delicacy as a side to your main course or as a dessert. Or both. We won't judge. 

Recipe: Try our Peach Gazpacho

Grilled Pizza Three Ways

Grilled Pizza Three Ways

If you only have time to grill up one of these three 'zas, make sure to try the peach, brie, and bacon version. Topped with fresh tarragon and balsamic glaze, it's hard to stop eating once you've started!

Recipe: Try our Grilled Pizza Three Ways

Peaches Foster

peaches foster

This confection only calls for six ingredients, and there's a good chance you have them all in your kitchen right now. How's that for an easy summer dessert?!

Recipe: Try our Peaches Foster

Mini Peach & Pesto Pizzas

Mini Peach and Pesto Pizzas

Fanci-fy your next summer party with these bright hors d'oeuvres that taste just as good as they look! Trust us, no one will miss the pretzels and potato chips.

Peachy Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Peachy Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

A grilled cheese, prosciutto, peach, and arugula sandwich? Sign us up! Once you make this for the fam, two-ingredient grilled cheeses will be a thing of the past.

Green Tomato & Peach Carpaccio

green tomato and peach carpaccio

Your tastebuds are gonna love this warm-weather snack. Flavor thin slices of peach and green tomato with salt, lime, and basil. Add a dollop of cream and voila!

Spicy Honey-Peach Wings

spicy honey peach chicken wings
Credit: Photography by Lucas Zarebinski

Get creative with peach jam, minced jalapeño, and buttermilk for these irresistible chicken wings. They're sweet, spicy, sticky, salty, and exactly what your picnics have been missing.

Recipe: Try our Spicy Honey-Peach Wings

Grilled Peach & Berry Foil Packets

peach berry foil
Credit: Photography by Peter Ardito

Craving something indulgent? This easy summer dessert is your best bet. Heat fresh fruit over the grill to bring out the juices, then top the hot peaches and berries with cold ice cream. Yum!

Peaches 'n' Cream Cobbler 

peaches n cream cobbler

If you know anything about dessert, you know peaches and cream are a match made in heaven. Just add a buttery crust to the combo and try not to drool.

Skinny Crab Cakes & Peach Summer Slaw

Skinny Crab Cakes & Peach Summer Slaw

Crab may be the star of this beachy dish, but a sweet peach-n-pepper slaw cools it all down and provides a satisfying crunch. Best 30 minute meal ever!

Spiced Peaches & Cream Cobbler

Spiced Peaches & Cream Cobbler

This dish was made for those nights when you're feeling fancy. Break through a sugary and crunchy crust to get to sticky-sweet peaches underneath, and don't be shy about going back for seconds!

Fresh Peach Clafoutis

The secret to this decadent dessert is to brown your butter in a pan before using it. It'll give the light, fluffy texture a flavor that's to die for.

Recipe: Try our Fresh Peach Clafoutis

Bourbon & Peach Sweet Tea Punch

Bourbon and Peach Sweet Tea Punch

You can't go wrong with a peach-bourbon combo, especially in the summertime! The best part of this boozy punch? It calls for just five ingredients!

Fruity Pasta Salad

Fruity pasta salad

This peachy pasta salad is the perfect cool-down side dish. Although, with ingredients like crumbled bacon, mozzarella balls, and basil, you may just want it as your main course!

Recipe: Try our Fruity Pasta Salad

Berry-Peach Salad with Cardamom, Coconut & Pistachios

Berry-Peach Salad with Cardamom, Coconut & Pistachios

Hankering for something sweet and snacky without sacrificing the beach bod? This spiced fruit and nut salad is right up your alley! Coconut and cardamom provide some serious flavor.

John's Thirsty Jockey

john's cocktail the thirsty jock cocktail
Credit: Photography by Kate Mathis

If you find yourself craving Mint Juleps well past Derby Day, try John's take on the cocktail. Just switch out the bourbon for vodka, muddle half a peach at the bottom, and sip away! 

Recipe: Try John's Thirsty Jockey

Blended Bellinis

blended bellinis

Bellinis are basically fruity, prosecco-y floats. If you're in the mood for an old school drink, whip up a few of these—they incorporate peaches AND peach sorbet!

Recipe: Try our Blended Bellinis

Blueberry Scones with Melted Peaches 

Blueberry Scones with Melted Peaches

There are few things as delicious as homemade, just-sweet-enough scones. Mix blueberries into these ones, serve 'em over warm, baked peaches, and pair with an after-dinner coffee.

Peach Crisp

peach crisp

It's called a crisp 'cause it's just as tart as it is sweet. Mix homemade peach purée with fun ingredients like agave nectar and prosecco, then garnish with a lemon peel and serve at your classiest brunch parties.

Recipe: Try our Peach Crisp