Let your mouth water over Rachael's 25 most popular burger recipes ever! But don't stop there. Pick your favorite and make it tonight!


French Onion Dip Burgers

Who doesn't love french onion soup dip? Here, it marries an American burger: Caramelized onions get mixed with sour cream, then piled on top along with ridged chips. There are many versions of this burger out there, this one gets my vote for the ultimate. The onions and beef consomme really make it.

french- onion dip burgers

Wellington Burgers

The Wellington is the Rolls-Royce of burgers: Dijon-buttered rolls topped with sirloin patties, sherried mushrooms, cornichons and mousse pate.

Wellington Burgers

Club Burger Sliders with Avocado-Ranch Dressing

Give the BLT a new spin with bacon-stuffed turkey sliders.

Club Burger Sliders with Avocado-Ranch Dressing

Apple-Cheddar Turkey Burgers

The secret to tarting up your turkey burger? Stacking it with tangy apples.

apple-cheddar turkey burgers

Meat Lovers Burger

Because my husband, John, cannot go more than three hours at home without ham, salami or bacon, I have lots of bits of meat on hand at all times. This burger uses up those extra scraps!

meat lovers burger

Casablanca Burgers

The slaw on the bottom of the burger adds a super satisfying crunch, while the yogurt sauce is cool and delicious!

casablanca burgers

Berber Burgers

In Morocco I had a lamb burger called a Berber burger. Here's my take on this spicy patty. Look for small, round, thin rolls called mediterranean flatbreads in the packaged bread section of your market. Or substitute English muffins or eggy brioche rolls.

berber burgers

Double-Bacon Burgers

There's no such thing as too much bacon. Pile it on high in this crave-worthy burger recipe.

double-bacon burgers with maple-worcestershire onions

Lasagna Burgers

This burger stacks up: It's much easier than a weeknight lasagna, and it hits all the same flavor bells in your mouth. Serve it with rosemary -- or black-pepper-flavored potato chips and oil-and-vinegar-dressed mixed greens.

lasagna burgers

Nacho Slider-Size Burgers

These knife-and-fork mini burgers turn nachos on their head!

Nacho Slider-Size Burgers

Open-Face Salmon Burgers

You won't believe how delicious our homemade honey mustard dressing tastes on top of a good-for-you salmon burger.

open face salmon burgers with honey mustard

Worcestershire Burgers with Swiss, Mushrooms & Ranch Dressing

This Swiss cheese, mushrooms and ranch dressing combo is to die for. And wait until you take a bite outta the big, juicy patty, too!

Worcestershire Burgers with Swiss, Mushrooms & Ranch Dressing

Turkey Meatloaf Burgers

Have Thanksgiving any day on this meatloaf-inspired patty.

Turkey Meatloaf Burgers

Italian Tuna-Melt Burgers

What's an Italian take on the classic tuna-melt you ask? How about a crusty loaf of bread for the bun, healthy doses of EVOO and lots of cheese?!

italian tuna melt burgers

Chicken Burgers with Barbecue Onion Sauce

This juicy patty tastes just like a ballpark sausage.

chicken burgers with barbecue onion sauce

Garlic-Sherry Burgers

A garlic-heavy burger is only made better with pub browns and horseradish sauce.

garlic sherry burgers with stilton pub browns with horseradish sauce

Winter White Burger

Satisfy your cravings all season long with this turkey burger.

Winter White Burger

Cabin in the Woods Burgers

Our rustic take on the classic burger is only made better by the fried egg on top. Now, that's a lotta yummy food!

cabin in the woods burgers with bacon and eggs

Big Beef Burgers with Crunchy Sour Cream Onions

This open-wider's got a crispy and delicious sour cream onion ring on top. But don't just make 'em just for this beefy beauty, these crispy rings are fabulous with any grilled dish!

big beef burgers with crunchy sour cream onions

Salmon Burgers with Dill Mustard

Turn salmon into a tasty herb-seasoned burger.

salmon burgers with dill mustard

Adirondack Red Wing Burger

Named for the hockey farm team I used to cheer on some 20 years ago in Glens Falls, New York, these chicken wing-themed burgers are a spicy favorite.

adirondack red wing burger

New England Turkey Burgers

The turkey burger itself tastes like Thanksgiving stuffing, and the jazzed-up whole-berry cranberry sauce on top is tangy-licious!

new england turkey burgers with the works

The Gaucho Burger

A little bit of spice, a little bit of citrus and a lot of flavor makes this burger unforgettable.

the gaucho burger

Asian-Style Salmon Burger BLTs

Ever had an Asian BLT? What about one with a salmon patty smack dab in the middle? You've gotta try this creative sammy.

Asian-Style Salmon Burger BLTs
Credit: Photography by John Kernick

Ham Burger

Serve your next ham supper on a bun.

ham burger

Try our Ham Burger

Burger Sides!

Summer is the time for coleslaw, salads and lots of fresh produce. Check out our favorite side dishes to serve al fresco while keeping you cool!

Grilled Corn-and-Red Potato Salad