Rach celebrates the season—and a new album from her pals Tony Bennett and Diana Krall.
rach tony bennett and diana krall
“I love to cook for my family,” says Diana (far left). “And eat West Coast smoked salmon—it’s a favorite food during the holidays!” Rachael; Tony’s wife, Susan (left of Rach); Tony; and Rach’s husband, John (far right), love to get a meal together, but Rach is still starstruck whenever they meet up. “Tony is a wonderful, delightful guest,” she says. “He tells the most amazing stories. He always has seconds. He’s more delicious than anything I could ever cook!”
| Credit: Photography by Simon Emmett

This fall, Rachael invited her friends Tony Bennett and Diana Krall for a hang on New York City's Upper East Side to break bread, celebrate Tony and Diana's new album, Love Is Here to Stay, and take some pictures. A lovefest ensued. 

"I own every note of every song Tony's ever recorded on CD or vinyl," Rach says. "Beyond being a great musician, he's the most positive person I've ever met, and I feel lucky to call him a friend." 

Diana couldn't say enough about her singing partner, either. "Working with Tony on this record was the dream of a lifetime realized," she says. "Singing next to someone I've admired my entire life was emotional and life-changing for me." 

To complete the circle, Rach waxed rapturous about Diana. "When I first heard Diana, I thought of Ella Fitzgerald," Rach says. "An extraordinary talent, so singular and specific in her sound. And on this record, she and Tony took the Great American Songbook and reinvented it. They make familiar songs sound new again. It seems impossible, but they did it!"

"Tony can give songs a feeling and a pace like no one else can," Rachael says. "Same with Diana—her arrangements make you feel. Their new record is like listening to two masters join forces."

Buy it: Love Is Here to Stay, $10 on Amazon

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