5 Condiments Made on the Grill

Once you've mastered grilled meats, you can make summer's most popular condiments on the grill, too: grilled ketchup, relish, salsa, mayonnaise and mustard.
Charred Tomato Red Pepper Ketchup


Americans are in love with that sweet-salty combination -- it's part of what makes ketchup's flavor irresistible to kids as well as adults. In fact, 97 percent of you have a bottle in your fridge right now. But for a slightly more healthy and sophisticated version, we add a smoky touch and plenty of fresh tomatoes.

Serving tip: Use our grilled ketchup as a barbecue sauce.

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Smoky Tomatillo Relish


The word alone begs to be savored. But if your craving goes beyond the classic sweet pickle, you can pucker up to this tangy tomatillo version with a jalapeño kick.

Serving tip: Top off a plate of pulled pork with our grilled relish.

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Seared Scallion Mayonnaise


Mayo's the condiment that knows no neutral ground. An irreplaceable staple? More than 75 percent of you think so. Still, for many of you, it's far too rich and unctuous. Ours adds lemon to sharpen the flavor, and lots of chopped scallions for texture.

Serving tip: Spread our grilled mayonnaise instead of butter on bread to make a super-crunchy grilled cheese sandwich.

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Gingered Peach Mustard


Low in fat and high in flavor -- these are two of mustard's biggest draws. To sweeten the deal, we blend in ripe grilled peaches, which let the mustard keep that eye-popping color. It's kind of like an orchard-inspired honey mustard.

Serving tip: Dip Southern-fried chicken into our grilled mustard.

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Jicama Watermelon Salsa


For every fan wielding a jar of traditional salsa in one hand and a tortilla chip in the other, there's an enthusiast who knows this condiment doesn't just mean tomatoes. Ours pairs Mexican jicama with the all-American summer fruit, watermelon, for a contemporary hybrid that respects its Latin roots.

Serving tip: Top a grilled ham steak with our salsa.

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